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The Falling Quality Of Education And The Effects On The Teachers And Students

Posted on December 23, 2017 in Public Education Public Education in America

A public education rally for educational funding called for quality education, more learning, and less testing for the students. This is about students attending class, being instructed by a well-informed, passionate teacher, working hard, and learning new talents, skills, capabilities and interests. Educational reforms created to improve the learning of the students, improve their performance, and holding the teachers responsible have been enacted for decades. Despite this, public education is still broken. This is because the teachers have not been treated as professionals.

The performance of the students while taking standardized tests must be placed first. This is now linked to the evaluation of the administrators and the teachers as well as school funding. When teachers are required to use a script, it kills the interest of the students and destroys creativity. Teaches must be able to motivate, reach, and excite their students. They must be able to teach the unique skills that will result in their success. This is difficult because classes consist of average students, gifted students, students with disabilities and students with special needs. Students with problems including mental, dental and physical issues, insecurities regarding food, or responsibilities at home are at a disadvantage. For more details regarding this issue, visit Your text to link…

When all students are responsible for achieving the same standards, and when their evaluations are reliant on the same tests, the most logical result is disastrous. These results are connected to funding and teacher evaluations. If this occurred in another industry the result would be outrage. The experts hired are being micromanaged. One-size-fits-all does not work. This is not a recipe for creating better teachers. Despite the test scores, schools need funding. Expertly qualified teaches deserve desirable wages and support resources to become successful.

Students are receiving less experiences in their education including field trips. This affects their scholastic achievements and damages their futures. Students require capabilities, skills and the ability to solve problems to succeed in life. This is determined by the way they are taught to approach, attack and solve challenges. This requires excellence, and creativity for the students and the educators.