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Securus Aids Police Searches With Instant New Tech

Posted on April 11, 2017 in Inmate Communication App

Prisoners can now help law enforcement prevent crime without becoming a “rat”. Being a wrapped inside of the prison is one of the worst social conditions imaginable. There is a certain thief’s honor that incarcerated individuals in force. Any prisoner that tells on any other prisoner to law enforcement may have to fear for their lives inside of the prison.


But a new technology from Securus Technologies is changing the game. Securus is a telecommunications giant that deals exclusively with the state-run facilities, specifically prisons. The telecommunications company gets business by securing government contracts to make them the sole provider of telecommunications services to a particular facility. Any prisoner wanting to make a phone call must make that call through Securus.


Because Securus handles every single telephone call in a particular prison, they are in a unique position to intercept every single communication made by a prisoner. And they do just that. Securus records every single telephone call made by a prisoner or prison employee that makes a phone call on a hard line. This creates a massive amount of digitally recorded telephone calls in the form of a database.


But a giant digital database is difficult to search. It is not like searching for a book in a library that has a system. The millions of hours of recorded telephone calls can be instantly searched using Securus’s new software. The software can search for certain phrases or a particular individual’s voice.


The software breaks down the recorded voice. It analyzes the voice much like someone would analyze a fingerprint. Once it comes up with the vocal fingerprints, it applies that information to the database to pull up any phone call involving that fingerprint. This allows police officers to search a massive amount of digital information in a virtual instant.