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OneLogin and Envoy Collaborate to Improve the Envoy Customer Experience

Posted on October 11, 2017 in Software

OneLogin, a company that provides cloud-based identity and access management solutions, recently worked with Envoy to streamline their customer experience. Envoy develops software that automates visitor sign in, digital NDA, host notifications, providing visitor badges, and providing visitor photos. Their software also allows visitors to sign in using an iPad promoting security and productivity.

For Envoy customers, tracking the movement of visitors coming into and out of the company or moving across the company can place a heavy burden on IT admins. IT admins must maintain security while keeping the end-user experience smooth. Thus requiring IT admins to update individual user access information across many applications to ensure accurate and current employee records, which enables employees to easily create visitor invites and receive host notifications. At the same time, the availability of accurate and current records keeps the process of signing in easy for visitors.

Envoy worked with OneLogin to integrate OneLogin with the most recent version of their software. The latest version of Envoy uses automated user on/offboarding protocol for user provisioning also known as the SCIM, which simplifies user provisioning and management by synchronizing user information into applications. Now Envoy customers to directly transfer information like employee’s first name, last name, office location, and more from their OneLogin directory to Envoy enabling automatic updates to user profiles. The head of product at Envoy, Wells Riley, says that integrating Envoy with OneLogin lets customers “instantly sync all employee data to their Envoy directory” while “any changes you make to your directory are automatically sent to Envoy.” He goes on to say that the successful integration of OneLogin with Envoy “saves time and improves overall office security” according to OneLogin. Furthermore, Riley goes on to tell OneLogin that OneLogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support made integrating Envoy with OneLogin “very straightforward.” Envoy premium and enterprise customers can enable this feature by going to OneLogin’s application catalog and adding the Envoy user provisioning connector.