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No Crime Like Lime Crime

Posted on December 6, 2017 in Cosmetic

People of fashion, beware! Now your lips and your eyes can be a dangerous duo, thanks to the recent release of the Diamond Dew liquid eye shadow from Lime Crime. This is intended to be an extended line of the Diamond Crushers lip topper; which people just could not get enough of. However, now there is no cause for concern, because there are enough sparkles for everyone!

They’re coming out with 10 different shades of color, ranging from a teal blue for those that want to walk on the wild side, to an iridescent pink for those who just want to be pretty. And this new product isn’t limited in style either. People are already coming up with bold ideas to use it as body glitter, which is such a great idea. Since it’s a controlled glitter, you won’t wind up finding sparkles all over your body for weeks afterwards. Instead, you can have some artistic friends draw up pretty designs on you so you can look magical underneath those lights. And when the partying is over, all you need to do is wash those Diamonds down the drain. Of course, that’s with the pretense that you put more on tomorrow.

Some have also thrown around the idea of using Diamond Dew as hair glitter. Which could really become a fabulous fashion statement when paired with the Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color. With winter fast approaching, the Moonchild Unicorn Hair and Tearful Diamond Dew would look amazing together. Needless to say, the options are seemingly endless with all of the color choices, but each one could make all the difference on a night out. All of Lime Crime’s products can easily become essentials to those that enjoy sparkles and vibrant colors.

The prices of Diamond Dew are reasonable with sales going on now. Lime Crime is making it possible for everyone to have valuable Diamonds, so that they can be walking around shining and sparkling for the whole world to see. Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore, they’re everyone’s.

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