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Navigating the Smartphone: TeenSafe helps teens stay safe on the road

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Education News Public Education

Navigating the upbringing of a child was a difficult path, even before the invention of smartphones. Parents have long been concerned about the time when their teens first take to the road, and anxiously await the time when their teens are allowed to drive without parental supervision. Teens often do not know how to safely operate with their newfound freedom.


Distracted and impaired driving has a profound impact on teenagers who are just learning to drive, and the abundance of technology has only exacerbated this issue as teens can not alway discern the dangers of texting on the road.


Those who text and drive are twenty-three times more likely to get in an accident than those who do not text and drive. As teenagers brains are forming, many parents look for technological tools to help aid them in ensuring the safety of their children. It is important for teenagers to learn the proper use of technology, and that includes using it at the right time and place—not behind the wheel!


Technology companies, such as TeenSafe, have developed tools to help parents protect their children from the new dangers presented by their own savvy. Among TeenSafe’s services is a tool which prevents teens from receiving texts, calls, and other alerts while on the road, which discourages teenage phone use while driving.


The service provided by TeenSafe allows for teens to call emergency services at all times, while preventing them from using their phones for other purposes, such as keeping up with friends on various social media apps. The ability to make these calls safeguards teens in the event that they were to encounter a true emergency while on the road—encouraging them to keep up on the latest social media emergencies off the road.


TeenSafe’s services give parents peace of mind, while allowing teenagers to explore the world and develop habits that will stay with them long after their teenage years.