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Inside Hussain Sajwani’s Life And Visions

Posted on January 9, 2019 in Businessman

A visionary in magnificent real estate investments and a model of excellent fiscal management is exactly how DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani could be described. Based in Dubai, UAE but also owning top tier properties globally, Sajwani has built an immense portfolio worth billions and at times has even defied expectations against market predictions while doing so. What’s made his properties stand out is that he’s partnered with some of the world’s top luxury brands to build them including Versace and the Roberto Cavalli Group, and he’s attracted quite a few investors since taking his company, DAMAC Properties public. Sajwani has also bought up a private equity firm, an insurance company, and building supplies franchise, and he’s been featured in many Arabian business magazines and real estate awards shows over the years. He recently was given the title “Real Estate Legend” at one such event.

Hussain Sajwani came from a working family in Dubai at a time before the city became the immense gem of beauty in the Middle East. However, he did earn a prestigious education and attended the business school of the University of Washington where he received his bachelor’s degree. Sajwani started off working for an oil company, and then built a catering business which is still run by him today and in which he was already making millions of dollars, but it was only the beginning as he saw a huge market growing in real estate when the 1990s came around. He bought up a few mid-level hotels before becoming DAMAC owner in 2002, but it became apparent by 2005 when his first property was completed that his company was set to grow rapidly.

Hussain Sajwani kept his properties within the UAE prior to the 2008 recession, but after coming through that at a time when many firms had to shut their doors, he expanded his investments to other countries. Moving first to Beirut, then to places like the Republic of Maldives and now London, the DAMAC owner has moved to markets where he’s recognized real luxury housing demands coming from. Also no secret about Sajwani is his respect for now President Donald Trump and his family with whom he has done many vacation home and golf course projects, and has even had many social visits to Mar a Lago. Sajwani has also gotten involved with both UAE government projects and non-profit initiatives to support natural disaster refugees, help the homeless and support technical education for Arab students.