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Igor Cornelsen’s constant progress in the investment field.

Posted on January 1, 2019 in Entrepreneur

The greatest inheritance parents in any field could leave their successors is a wealth of knowledge and skills on how to become the best in that particular area. This is especially true and reveals a great deal of selflessness when an investment expert in the area of finance decides to empower others by sharing information that will help others to succeed in the field. Igor Cornelsen is a perfect example of such an individual.

Igor Cornelsen’s aim of helping upcoming investors is so that people will gather as much information as they need to help them on the journey and that they will not make the same kind of mistakes he did as he climbed up the long ladder. Igor started as an engineering student in the Federal University of Parana. Later he felt drawn towards the field of economics and therefore switched courses.

Igor Cornelsen secured his first job at a bank where he mainly dealt with numbers. He worked for Multibanco in Rio where he quickly stood out due to his excellence. In a short time, he became the bank’s CEO. Igor has also served in the boards for several banks including Libra Bank Plc, Unibanco, Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, among others. All of them grew considerable due to his invaluable contributions towards their growth. It was while he was in Standard Chartered Merchant Bank that Igor thought of starting on his own.

Bainbridge Investment Inc. is the excellent work of Igor Cornelsen. It is the embodiment of his expertise collected over the years. From Bainbridge’s foundation, he has continued to man its investments. The investment firm was established in 1995 with the aim of improving the world’s economy. According to Igor Cornelsen, his success is not just a result of wishful thinking but a consistent behavior of extensive researching, being open to new ideas and persistence.