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Getting Out of Debt Using VTA Publications

Posted on December 11, 2016 in Wealth Management

December 11th, 2016 Updates:
Jim Hunt has started a new system with VTA Publications, designed around showing how one can be extremely successful with a small amount of money. Titled “Make Mum a Millionaire in Just 10 Trades” Jim sets out to make his mother a millionaire with 10 intelligent long term investments.

Americans file bankruptcy at a rapid rate every year. The main cause of these bankruptcy declarations is the inability to pay all debts that are owed. In other words, debt overload causes millions of people to suffer year after year. Americans are often unable to manage the load of student loans, medical debt, credit card debt, and other miscellaneous debt that they accrue over the course of their financial lives. The extreme burden that the inability to pay these debt causes can lead families to amass even more medical debt in their efforts to treat stress illnesses that are directly caused by their financial difficulties. Companies like VTA Publications ( a non fiction literature publishing company that produces wealth strategy content) offer several solutions to Americans who struggle with debt overload.

In one popular publication produced by VTA Publications, the author describes the causes of debt overload in an effort to help readers understand their roles in creating stressful financial situations for themselves. One of the most frequent reasons people give for creating extreme amounts of debt for themselves and their families is the desire to attain luxuries which they are unable to afford. Americans fall prey to this desire on a regular basis. In a land where many luxuries can be provided through the use of credit, as opposed to a more prudent cash only model, a debt system is easily created. Consumers often make large purchases for cars, houses, and other expensive luxuries that are well out of the range of their earned annual income. Because payment systems are often utilized, consumers often are led to believe that they can afford items that they simply cannot afford. Because of this creditor induced system, millions of people fall into debt traps every year.

In an effort to combat these creditor practices, Jim Hunt and VTA Publications has released a series of publications and programs designed to help consumers get out of debt and remain debt free. A new program that was launched by founder Jim Hunt is called Wealth Wave and is designed to help consumers create a greater source of income to combat debt.  Check out more on the YouTube Jim Hunt has set up for VTA Publications.