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Forbes Lists Differences Between Public Education and Public Schooling

Posted on November 12, 2017 in Education Public Education Public Schooling

In a recent Op Ed piece published by Forbes Magazine, Kerry McDonald, a woman who has become known for her advocacy of the public school system, discussed her views on public education and how it differs from public schooling. McDonald began the article by stating what she believes to be positive aspects of the American Public School system. While critics would argue that very few proven benefits exist of the public education system, McDonald believes that public institutions foster growth and development that children need to have instilled in order to become productive and lively adult citizens. McDonald’s argument is that public schools have fallen into a schooling structure rather than an educational structure.

In Mcdonald’s mind, schooling refers to the process by which students are drilled with information in practical ways. The public school advocate stated that schooling methods are dated and were better suited for the industrial society from which we have evolved. In the information age where Mcdonald stated that society values creativity and ingenuity over logic and reason, she believes that the students of public schools would better benefit from the introduction of educational practices.

McDonald discussed that public education included the development of student academic achievement using a variety of techniques and strategies. McDonald’s critique of the modern educational system is the fact that it pushes a one size fits all approach to academics and the arts. While many public school advocates argue that the lack of funding for certain programs minimizes the organizational efforts of the leadership, Kerry McDonald admits that most public schools receive an exuberant amount of funding per child compared to their private and home schooled counterparts who outperform them in virtually every subject with about a fourth of the funding. As a solution to these problems, McDonald has initiated efforts to further her involvement in the policy making decisions that can help public schools to incorporate new methods of education. McDonald’s effort to reform public education have been widely praised in the United States.