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Dr. Mark McKenna Know the Meaning Of Word Entreprenuer

Posted on January 8, 2018 in Company Medical

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor that has become a successful entreprenuer. As a physician, he learned these traits by running a successful practice. When he attended Tulane Medical School he realized it would be hard to earn much money as a doctor. He saw the changes in billing and how reimbursements to doctors affected many practices.

In his early days in medical school Dr. Mark McKenna started working in real estate. When he started his practice he opened McKenna Venture Investments. This was a real estate development company. Over the next few years he opened two other companies in real estate.

His real estate companies employed over 50 people and offered several real estate services. He earned about $500,000 a year as doctor. His real estate businesses were worth about $5 million or less.

When Hurricane Katrina struck he lost millions. He found that many of the properties he owned were under insured and not valued very highly. He eventually returned to rebuild his company. He found that for a two year period flooded property could be bought very cheaply.

He eventually sold his real estate company and went back to medicine. He opened ShapeMed in Atlanta. They were medical centers that offered non-invasive treatments for consumers. Shape Medical Wellness became one of the most well known weight loss and non-surgical clinics in Atlanta.

Eventually he sold the business to Lifetime Fitness. Dr. Mark McKenna is now working on a new business set to open in 2018. It is called OVEM and described as an UBER for those that want Botox treatments. Using an app clients can find a practitioner that will come to the house. He raised $4 million in capital to invest in the business.

Dr. Mark McKenna reads frequently and set goals for himself using visualization. He believes that meditation and active goal setting is the recipe for his success.

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