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Doe Deere Knows How to Stay Relevant

Posted on June 1, 2017 in Women in Business

When people look at Doe Deere they must realize that she is someone that knows how to stay relevant. She has been known to be someone that goes against the grain in terms of what is popular. Doe Deere has become popular, ironically, a rebelling against what is typically popular in the mainstream cosmetics environment. She is a young woman who many people might mistake for a young girl. There is a high level of energy that Doe Deere has, and this what inspires so many women to be like her.

What Doe Deere has said over the years is that she is out to do more than conceal imperfections with her makeup. She really wants her customers to feel like they can express themselves with her cosmetics. It is a form of expression in makeup that is available for both men and women. That may be the thing that has made Doe Deere an innovation in the cosmetics industry. She looks at her product line as one that is not limited to gender. She advertises to both men and woman. This is something that has never been done before, but Doe Deere showed that she was fearless when it came to building up her product line.

She decided to do more than just lipstick because she knew that people would like colors that matched for their nail polish, eye shadow and hair colors. That is what she sells and that is what she promotes. It is very evident that she wanted to build up a brand that would stand out from everything else that was out there. Many people are thrilled about what she is doing. Doe Deere wanted to make sure that she had a business that would give people the chance to acquire everything that they needed for grooming. She wanted to be the one-stop cosmetics online shop.

There are people that still have not heard of Doe Deere, but this is largely because she is someone that has not really conformed to what is mainstream culture. She doesn’t really advertise through commercials. There are not a lot of print ads for people to view of Lime Crime in magazines. Doe Deere, instead, focuses on a digital consumer base. This will often equate to a fan base of young teenagers and college students. Doe Deere knows that this is her consumer base so these students get discounts.

For more information, please visit www.doedeere.com.