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An Insight into the World of Isabel Dos Santos

Posted on December 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

The world of business and pretty much any other sector of society has seen a rise in female leadership in recent years, something which is not very prevalent in human history. The world has felt the need for female role models for young girls to look up to, and the requirement has been fulfilled most adequately, and today several influential women can be seen working hard in their respective fields and inspiring young woman to work hard to achieve their dreams. One of those prominent, influential women of the world is none other than Africa’s Isabel Dos Santos.

Born on April 20th in the year of 1973, and navigating through a tough but clear path to success, Isabel Dos Santos is currently known as ‘Africa’s Richest Woman’. In the year 2013 Forbes Magazine estimated her net worth to be roughly three billion US dollars making her Africa’s first Billionaire woman. Isabel Dos Santos appears to have a natural talent for business which is where most of her wealth comes from as she bought stakes in several major companies in time which later paid off and her qualifications have also allowed her to be the chairman of several major companies herself. Isabel Dos Santos has also built various businesses of her own and often describes the beginning of her entrepreneur journey as when she sold eggs on the streets. (twitter)

However, Isabel has an eye on much more than just financial stability and likes to use her example as an inspiration for all young women in Africa and wants to use her influence for the betterment of the African community. On her official website, Isabel Dos Santos has published several articles discussing the importance of strengthening the African community and explaining her experiences visiting universities and speaking with young African children, quoting “to lead is to serve”. Isabel Dos Santos has also spoken to students at Yale and was included in the list of 100 most influential women in the world by BBC in 2015. Isabel Dos Santos believes that the development of the African continent is her priority as Angolan Business Woman.