Sujit Choudhry And A Legacy For The History Books

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History is being made as we share this with you.

The world is evolving, changing, transforming and becoming something only its outcome can express to us. The one thing that we do know is that this transition seeks to bring the people of the world together. All one has to do today is look at the bigger picture. We also know the sayings and phrases.

“Freedom isn’t free.”

When we, as a people of an existing society, agree to the ideals of the prior sentence, then something is clearly wrong. We have not made it to the standards that our forefathers set and that our ancestors fought so hard for. This standard is one where ideals are made reality and soar like the wings of true liberation.

So who do we call on at times like these? One “enormous” name that comes to mind is Sujit Choudhry. There’s no other candidate who stands today that can compare in the world of transition. But it’s not fair to make discussion about Choudhry without also making it clear what he does.

This professional works in the field of comparative constitutional law.

The study and ongoing practice of Sujit is in the field of constitutional reform. Anyone outside of the field should be confused about what that all means, so I’ll tell you. By examining the nations that exist, professionals like Sujit give nations the right information for improving and becoming civil.

How This Man Did It

But getting to this influential position was not a mere walk in the park for Sujit. Sujit Choudhry started with a profound zeal regarding his education. He then made sure not to take it for granted. His education is what brought Sujit from a young man with a few ideals to a powerful figure with leverage within international transitions. Related article on

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When new worlds develop and their people seek more, Mr. Choudhry is called in and to show each country their own way. Transforming from a group to a profound culture takes unity and the work Sujit employs does just that. It brings nations together and for the specific purpose of improving constitutional value for all people.   To check on Sujit’s timeline activities, hit

Those nations then gain a new life and a broader access to being a world power.

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How Bob Reina Brought Talk Fusion to Success in Video Marketing

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Bob Reina was a police officer when he was approached by a marketing executive. During this conversation the seeds for what would soon become Talk Fusion were planted. Talk Fusion, as most know by now, is one of the most successful video marketing and communications focused companies on the internet. Reina entered into the market when there was nobody offering what he offered. The results were simple: Reina and the team at Talk Fusion accelerated into a leadership position and now service clients in countries all over the planet.


Bob Reina couldn’t have found success with Talk Fusion without first learning how to self motivate and believe in the product that he was marketing. Reina says, “We developed a game changing product at Talk Fusion, so our excitement instantly started making waves.” This is the key, at the bottom of the line, to success as an entrepreneur. Reina approached the development of Talk Fusion in a personal way, getting behind each product and speaking excitedly about it to potential customers. By the time that Talk Fusion was ready to go to market, there was already a buzz going on about them.


The power of what Talk Fusion does really comes down to Reina’s personal faith in the effectiveness of video marketing. Reina says, “It’s the best medium for connecting with one another.” Reina goes on to point out that Talk Fusion came to the market when video marketing wasn’t at the forefront of everyone’s business plan. Now, in 2017, of course video marketing is essential. However, a decade ago people weren’t quite willing to spend so much of their focus on developing a digital game of video marketing.


Talk Fusion has been steadily rising up the ladder for years now and the company is more proud than ever of what they are offering. Talk Fusion has an entire marketing suite available to customers who are looking to bring their message to the next level. Utilizing cutting edge technology, Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are looking to 2017 to be another successful year. Talk Fusion’s rise seems like it is only the beginning.

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Bob Reina – The Man Behind the Million Dollar Gift


The State of New Mexico Sued over Education Spending

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As an American, what do you do if someone wrongs you? Suing should be the answer to this question and this is what is happening in New Mexico. There is a lawsuit in New Mexico that is challenging the way public schools receive their funding. This comes after some suggestions that the state of New Mexico is not meeting the constitutional obligations to offer every student in the state with important opportunities when it comes to education. This lawsuit has been filed by advocacy groups, school districts as well as parents accusing the state of neglecting a group of people in the society that comprises of students from low-income families and Native American students. The state is also being accused of neglecting students who decide to learn English as a second language. A lead attorney in the case said that this discrimination is coming at a cost to the involved students as they end up missing some opportunities.


The state is also accused of producing half-baked students who cannot sustain the needs of the state economy as well as those of the nation. However, the state through the Republican Gov. Susana Martinez has said that this is a mere witch-hunt and the state is doing more than enough. For instance, the state has introduced specialized programs to assist weak students and those from marginalized areas. Also, the state says that they are calling for school leaders and teachers to be extra careful when dealing with such cases. The state insists that it’s still committed to the academic progress of every student in the state.


The state also acknowledged that New Mexico is one of the poorest states in America and that spending more on public education is not a guarantee of improved test scores. This is according to the opening statements of the state’s lawyers on Monday. New Mexico is not the only state being sued for funds related to public education. Taxpayers in other states are becoming increasingly frustrated by budget priorities of elected officials.


Patty Rocklage and Her Husband Honored For Their Great Contribution

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Patty is a renowned professional, in the greater Boston metropolitan, with over 20 years of experience in psychotherapist. The former student of university of southern California graduated with a degree in Psychology in 1981. She has been able to help several couples in the course of her work.


She is very passionate about what she does with families, couples, and individuals. Her passion has since helped her to acquire several other skills such as public speaking, coaching, teaching and team building. Many have testified that Patty has actually helped them achieve personal growth.


Patty and husband celebrated for financing renovation of a laboratory

The faculty members from the department of chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology gathered on 18th July 2016 to pay tribute to the Rocklage family for their great support. Each of the key members of the department congratulated them for embracing corporate social responsibility.


In their turn to speak, her husband confessed it was Massachusetts Institute of Technology that gave him the solid foundation to his career life. He said the funding was their gratitude to the institution. When asked about the possibility of their further contribution to the needs of the department, her husband gladly agreed and immediately asked for the pressing need.


Patty Rocklage is a great member of the Sudbury community. For this reason, she is highly regarded, by residents of his town, as a person with total commitment towards helping the society. Her participation in the Sudanese Education fund, which is meant to assist southern Sudan immigrants to attain educational and financial stability, is just but one of the key indicators. She is known to understand people’s struggles, support them and keep it private.


Patty is not only a good community woman but also a family one. The couple was seen walking into the Sudbury Kitchen and Bath showroom in a bid to make an inquiry for the renovation of their house. The pair was not happy with the disconnection between the kitchen and family rooms. They handed the job to a creative designer at the Sudbury companies. They were overwhelmed by the deliverables and advised members of the public to contact the company whenever they have a construction job.


Investment Juggernauts Collide

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Warren Buffett, the world-renowned investment giant, recently went on record to disclose a current wager that he made with a group of hedge fund managers. In the wager, which is for the amount of $1 million, Mr. Buffett stated that by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund, he would be able to achieve better returns than the hedge fund managers. As the date for the bet nears its conclusion, Mr. Buffett stands to deliver. It is difficult to go against the proven methods of Warren Buffett, considering the fact that his stringent method for analyzing prospective funds has been time-tested, a few industry insiders, including Timothy Armour, see flaws in Mr. Buffett’s latest method. As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, Timothy Armour agrees with Mr. Buffett’s perspective on the market concerning current hedge funds, being that they are expensive with the inability to recoup significant gains. According to Mr. Buffett, the best way to recoup consistent gains for the long-haul is by starting with simple investments with low costs.

Where the opinions of the two investment powerhouses tend to differ, is on the intra-industry debate concerning active versus passive index funds. While history shows that more often than not, passive index funds seem to perform at a higher level than actively managed funds, Mr. Armour believes that by championing actively managed funds, investments are sure to prove more lucrative for all parties. He backs up this notion by mentioning the success of the top five active funds and the higher yields they have brought in comparison similar investments made in the first active S&P 500 index fund 40 years ago.

Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College in 1983, after which he immediately joined The Associates Program as a part of Capital Group.

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Betsy DeVos Addresses National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

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At the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos addressed hundreds of participants on both sides of the discussion. The annual event was held on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. to discuss some of the reforms that Betsy DeVos is making within the education system, with special attention to charter schools. At the event, DeVos tried to ease the pain felt by the fissure within the school choice community. The Trump Administration has created a greater divide between those advocating for school choice and those in opposition. This was one of the central issues addressed by DeVos at the conference.


DeVos mentioned that there “is no one right way to help kids learn”. Attempting to bring the two sides together, the new Secretary of State continued to explain that differing opinions on the subject of school choice do not have to be enemies. Her central thesis surrounded the idea that education of any sort should focus primarily on the quality of education provided to the students. Mrs. DeVos has been a long-time proponent of charter schools in her home state of Michigan. She has received a lot of criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for her alleged lack of expertise on the subject matter for such a high level position as Secretary of Education.


Many teachers in attendance were not impressed with DeVos’ speech. One kindergarten teacher from Ukiah, California reported the address to be lacking “substance”. Her major critique was DeVos’ inability to name specific changes or examples. Another teacher from the Chicago Institution of Health Sciences Career Academy was not happy with DeVos’ failure to address how her major federal funding cuts would affect schoolings nationwide. Betsy DeVos, under the direction of the Trump Administration, is set to cut some $9 billion in funding for schools across the nation. This is an unprecedented move that is leaving many teachers and schools begging for an explanation or alternative solution.




Florida Students Do Better On Algebra Exam

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A recent report showed that students did better on the Algebra 1 Exam. The report showed that 62 percent of the students passed the exam this year. Only 55 percent of the students passed the exam last year.


The Algebra 1 Exam is one of the tests that is required for students to graduate. People who fail the exam once will have the opportunity to take it again. Central Florida school districts noticed the biggest improvement in student test scores. Fifty-eight percent of the students passed the Algebra 1 Exam this year. Only 47 percent of the students passed the test last year.


There are many changes that the Florida schools made in order to ensure that students passed. They made changes in schedules so that students could get extra help with math. They also gave teachers extra time to plan their lessons.


Melissa Dejalais is a supervisor of strategic initiatives. She stated that she is thrilled with the results of the report. She also stated that both the students and teachers deserve to be praised for their hard work.


Schools are given a grade from A to F based on student test scores. They are hoping that the improvement in scores will help schools get out of the F range. Walt Griffin, who is the Superintendent of the Seminole County School District, is pleased with the scores.


Gov. Rick Scott has also commented about the increase in test scores. He stated that the improvement in test scores is proof that we do not need to stop funding the Florida education system. Not only did students do better on the Algebra Exam, but they also did better on the Language Arts exam.



Differentiating between Public Schooling and Public Education

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A recent article by the Forbes Magazine tried to explain the difference between public schooling and public education. While the two may look like something synonymous, there is a difference between the two. In fact, some people in the United States feel that there is the need to separate the two. Public schooling was introduced in the year 1852 and was based on an industrial model that was relevant at the time. However, many people including experts feel that the model is not relevant and should be abandoned. This is because we are now using a model that favors creativity over anything else. The previous model was based on knowledgeable workers coupled with conformity. Many people believe that we are experiencing an era that can only be characterized by innovation, creativity and technological applications. Among the people who share the idea of changing the current public education include economists, technologists as well as socialists.


Scholars have written on the importance of decentralizing education models and de-institutionalizing learning. This leaves a model that supports people to educate themselves. The age we live in calls for educational webs rather than funnels. A good example of an education web is a public library. These are institutions that have been funded using taxpayers money. They are also non-coercive environments that are community-based. This, on the other hand, means that it is not possible to segregate people using these facilities, unlike public schools. Educational webs offer the same facilities like funnels. Some of these services include mentoring opportunities, ESL lessons as well as cultural events and classes. They also offer computer courses and mentoring opportunities.



What Is The Real Value of a College Degree?

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Add to the growing cynic’s list of things colleges may be the entry of daycare centers for grown up kids. It seems that these colleges, who once had as their mission the education of the young, have even found a way to make their charges pay for their four year supervision. Through the advent of the government backed student loan, colleges today are making huge profits while delivering little in the way of quantifiable value.


In fact, according to this piece, colleges today are not adding any value at all, at least not in any traditional education sense. They are, however, managing to saddle their graduates with levels of debt that many of them will likely never get rid of. Today’s graduates are finding it harder than ever to land jobs in fields that are relevant to the skills that earning their degrees have given them. Without a very well-paying job, someone with $100,000 in student loans, a fairly typical figure for a graduate today, is going to have a Herculian time paying down that debt.


If one is sufficiently cynical, whether or not colleges provide any kind of real education is largely irrelevant. What’s not irrelevant is whether they actually help the graduate land a good job. From that viewpoint, colleges are a very mixed bag. A law degree from a top law school like Harvard is a virtual guarantee to be earning six figures straight out of college. On the other hand, a degree in feminist studies from a state school with a directional term in its name, Northern Michigan University, for example, is unlikely to do anything but saddle the student with huge amounts of debt.


Many degrees fall somewhere in between these extremes. Generally speaking, any degree from Stanford will give the student a very high probability of landing a good or even a great job. Likewise, graduating in the top 1 percent of an even mediocre engineering school will get the student’s foot in the door.



Sawyer Howitt Is On The Rise In The World Of Business

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Sawyer Howitt is one of the strongest young entrepreneurs in the world, and he has spent quite a lot of time with his family company learning how the world of business works. He wants to have a way to lead his family firm in the future, and this article explains why he has been targeted as one of the best fresh faces in business. Someone who wants to learn how to grow in business may study what Sawyer has done.

#1: Sawyer’s Pedigree

Sawyer Howitt is the child of one of the best men in the finance industry, and he has worked for the family business at Meriwether Group for some time. He has spent this time ensuring that he is well-versed in financing, and he has taken on clients because he wants to give them the services he knows they deserve. He has worked with charities, and he has consulted with his father.

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#2: He Works Hard

Every young person in business must be prepared to work harder than anyone else, and Sawyer as entrepreneur has done so in business and at school. He has a fine record that shows he knows the value of an education, and he wants other students to do the same. He knows that he has a wealth of information to share, and he hopes that sharing will make every business a little better.

Sawyer Howitt will help Meriwether Group grow in the 21st Century simply because he is prepared to do so. He has taken his work at the company and school quite seriously, and he has ensured that the company has a way to serve all the people who need their help. He will go to college, learn and return with a method for serving the business world in a much better way than before.

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