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Why We Need to Take Better Care of Our Toddlers

Posted on December 12, 2017 in Public Education Public Education Systems

When it comes to public education, people know that society can be improved by improving the level of and the quality of public education. However, a recent article in Slate Magazine argues that our society can be improved by improving the care that we give to our 2-year-olds and toddlers.

Many working parents cannot afford to spend time at home all day with their toddlers. Instead, they must drop them off at daycare centers or with babysitters. The problem is that many parents have a hard time finding daycare centers that will give their children a high-quality experience that will help them grow.

The fact is that the experiences that a child receives while they are extremely young can shape the way their brain processes information and the way that they will grow up later on. The problem is that almost no money is given by the federal government to families to help them take care of their toddlers by giving them high-quality day care services. Instead, there is federal aid for older children from the age of four and up for preschool, but many parents are out of options until then.

The fact is that other countries treat toddlers differently than we treat them. In the United States, it seems that it has been decided that public education starts when a child turns 5 years old and is ready for kindergarten.

Science and recent studies clearly show that the age of 2 is one of the most important stages of development. A child’s vocabulary at the age of 2 can determine their future academic performance. If a child is ready for school by the age of kindergarten, they are much more likely to have a better reading ability when they are in third grade. If they have a good reading ability in third grade, they are much more likely to graduate high school. Thus, it is a cycle that starts early on.