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Why Nobody Can Dull Doe Deere’s Shine

Posted on August 11, 2016 in CEO's Women in Business

How many people can truly say that there is nobody like them? Not many can, except for Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime. Her peculiar way of running a business has captured the attention of millions for years with little expectation for that to cease anytime soon. Aside from her radiating vibrancy wherever she goes, the Russian-born starlet is also an advocate for human and animal rights. In fact, Lime Crime has been known to donate proceeds to a multitude of charities, including Sanctuary for Families, HOLA, Girls Inc, Adopt NY, Bideawee, and the Red Cross. In addition to donating company profits to charity, the fact that Deere regularly makes herself available to her fans is a form of philanthropy as well.

From a music career to designing dresses to ending up as a radical female entrepreneur, Deere really has done it all. Despite the stress that is often affiliated with business, her smile never dims nor does her outlandish personality. Whether she is breaking all the fashion rules by wearing stripes and polka dots or too many colors, or she is in the office crafting up new shades, the Queen of Unicorns is always doing something to show the world just who Doe Deere is and why she does the things that she does.

In an interview with Galore Magazine, Deere discussed how she has made it as a female entrepreneur. Aside from liking makeup despite having a shaky start at applying it, the silly personality makes it a point to reach out to her fans on a daily basis. By asking them what they would like to see, which looks they have tried out and appreciate the most, and what they are tending to dislike about Lime Crime, Deere obtains honest feedback and is able to adjust the company accordingly. Lime Crime also differs in respect to the way that their fans communicate by accenting their homepage with pictures of Unicorns across the world showing their looks of the day. This creates both an expressive outlet and a means to stay connected to their beloved company.

In conclusion, Doe Deere is bizarre in the best way possible. Though some would believe somebody who is so over the top in terms of appearance would not know the first thing about business endeavors, Doe has demonstrated time and time again why she is the Queen and how few people will succeed in dulling her shine.

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