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What Makes OSI Group A Global Leader In The Food Processing Industry?

Posted on September 16, 2018 in Food Industry OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing company that has experienced tremendous growth in the processed food industry. One of their main strategies that make the company successful is ensuring that they provide the specific product and services ordered by their customers. Instead of offering a standard catalog of food, the company focusses on understanding specific culinary profile each client is looking for and then formulate a customized product for them. Another technique includes carrying out thorough research on new consumer trends, flavors, and methodologies towards improving food production in the world. This is an aspect of adaptability, and OSI is working towards moving at the same speed as their consumers.

OSI Group is capable of developing menus for every meal of the day including breakfast, lunch, supper, snacking, deliveries and special orders such as a vegetarian meal. The company has four major food processing services, and these include beef processing, poultry processing, pork processing, and sous vide processing. The beef processing includes products that are raw, cooked and twisted products such as beefsteak, burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, hot dogs and Salisbury steak. Poultry processing includes chicken meatballs, breaded and battered chicken pieces and raw cuts in specific facilities in China and the United States.

Pork processing involves products that are raw, cooked sausages links and patties, riblets, roasted pork, bacon chips, precooked bacon strips, and bacon bits. Pork processing has some special products such as pepperoni, salami, Genoa and hot dogs. Finally, there is the sous vide food, and this is a culinary trend whereby customers request for a special order that provides them with a food safety solution. For instance, a client may request for vegetable products only or food made of protein items only, and OSI usually has this category to ensure that every customer gets satisfied. Providing customers with a variety of choices and being flexible to produce their customized orders earns their trust, and this has helped OSI Group to maintain and expand their clientele base across the world.

OSI Group also boasts of their incredible commitment towards food safety, and this is a trend that has built their reputation in the industry. Dr. Kenneth Peterson is the head of food safety division in the company since the year 2015, and his roles include ensuring Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Standards are observed in all operations. This division was created specifically because OSI Group cannot risk any chance of contaminating their commitment to providing the best to their customers. OSI Industries values customers’ taste and preferences, the power of diversity in production and food safety, and this has greatly led to their current global success.