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Well Done Or Medium Rare, OSI Food Solutions Delivers

Posted on September 8, 2018 in Business Food Industry

The OSI Food Solutions story continues to unfold. New and delicious chapters are being written every day. This is an exciting American success story which is worthy of the silver screen. But who will play Otto Kolschowsky, the man who started it all, over 100 years ago?

Otto came to America as an immigrant in the early 1900’s and started doing business. He opened a simple butcher shop and worked very hard to succeed. That’s all it takes really; hard work. Otto and his sons (The “O” and “S” in OSI) grew their business and Otto & Sons eventually became OSI Food Solutions; one of the largest food companies on Earth.

Say what you will about companies that reach the top. Say what you will about the people who worked hard to get to the top. There is only one way to reach the pinnacle, and again, it’s simple hard work. There is no other way. The path to success for OSI Food Solutions includes many prestigious awards, including the coveted “Globe of Honour” award, presented by the British Safety council. The word “Safety” says it all. OSI Food Solutions behaves as an environmental protector to keep the planet safe. Environmental safety is very important and we all know it. Being such a large company means that they do more for the planet than you and I and most others.

OSI does all of this while producing some of the finest food they can. They are creative in their approach, and they have tremendous talent producing “Food Solutions” for the world to enjoy. Next time you order a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, thank OSI. OSI food solutions has been providing beef to McDonald’s from the very beginning.

The OSI Food Solution story is rooted in quality and customer care for each and every client. This is, of course, a rule of thumb for any and every company who wishes to succeed, however, OSI has a great staff of world class professionals who can operate on a global scale. This is no small task and as growth continues, with mergers and acquisitions all over the world, OSI is setting standards and raising the bar for everyone. OSI enjoys tooting it’s own horn because after all, no one else will. Champions often have to hold up their accomplishments for all to see. No one likes to be beaten, but we all love a winner.

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