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Water Safety- Squaw Valley Upper Mountain

Posted on March 22, 2017 in News

The E-Coli and the coliform bacteria were observed in drinking water AT Squaw Valley Upper Mountain. The management at Squaw recently released a statement regarding the detection of the bacteria. The bacteria problem was reported to the Placer County Department of Health on November 8 2016. According to the report released by the Squaw Valley management, since the report of the bacteria, the water has been treated. Since its treatment, the water has been showing some improvement, as the three out of the four wells in the valley are showing low levels of coliform and a negative presence of e-coli. The report of the improvement was released by the Wesley Nick who is the Director of Placer County Environmental Health.

The Director also said the restaurants and resorts at the Upper Mountain will remain closed and the skiers are not allowed to take the water until it is safe for use. Mr. Nick was glad to say that no health issue has been reported and that skiing is allowed at the ski resort.

Alpine Meadows is the Public Relation Director for Squaw Valley and he released the following report to for the sake of the public.

In October there was a heavy rain storm that affected water sources at Placer County. The heavy rain also affected Squaw Valley wells as well as the destruction of an upgrade water system that was installed during summer causing contamination of water. The management at Squaw moved quickly to prevent the contaminated water to be taken by the public.

Water experts at Squaw Valley did a routing water testing and the y reported the matter to Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. For the sake of the public safety, Squaw Valley management also consulted with other water experts. The Public Relation offer said since t hen water has been return to its normal status, but the y will announce soon when to return to their regular water supply in the area.

Alpine did not forget to mention how they valued the safety of their customers, and how they take their clients’ concerns seriously. The organization is resolving the water issues but normal operation at Gold coast and High Camp will continue with the supply of free bottled water.