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Virginia Votes Down Home Schooling Bill

Posted on February 26, 2018 in Education Education News Home Schooling Bill

Home-schooling is growing in popularity all over the United States. Each year, more parents elect to provide for their children’s educational needs in the home environment. One area where those in home schools lack is in the area of team sports participation. Some home school associations provide extracurricular activities in a group setting, but not on the level of public school sports teams.

In order to rectify this situation, many in the home-schooling community have sought the right to allow their children the opportunity to play on the sports teams of the local public school district. This idea has in large part been met by disapproval from those in the public school system.

Some members of the Virginia Legislature wanted to enact legislation that would have allowed those in home schools to participate on public school sports teams. The proposed law was nicknamed the “Tebow Bill” in reference to Tim Tebow the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback who played for the University of Florida and the Denver Broncos.

When Tim Tebow was in high school, he was in home school. However, the local school district in Florida allowed Tebow to play at the local high school.

Students in Virginia will not be able to go the route that Tim Tebow did. The Virginia bill was rejected. There was significant opposition from the local public school districts. The opposition was so intense, that the bill did not even make out of committee.

The proposed bill would have allowed those in a home school to play sports, and it would have allowed participation in other activities in the public school system as well. Opponents of the bill felt as if parents had the choice to enroll in public school or not. If they made the decision against public school, they shouldn’t be entitled to public school benefits.