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Posted on November 6, 2018 in Business Email Junk Cleaner Email Organizer Inbox Cleaner Unroll Me


We all use email. I am sure pretty much everyone logins to check their email at least once a day. Email is something that will be in our lives forever, because it is an easy source of communication. We all get irritated with email from time to time though because of all the spam and junk that comes along with it. If we could just get rid of the spam and junk in an easier way than sitting around deleting them daily, email would be so much better. This is where Unroll Me comes in. Unroll Me is working to come up with a simpler and quicker way to delete those spam and junk emails.


Chats such as Facebook chats are trying to take over email. People sometimes find it easier to just chat because you do not have the spam and junk mail, and it is considered an instant way to message. Chats are more addictive to us as well. Three to five emails make up over twenty chats. Seeing these twenty chats puts off a higher amount of dopamine to our brain.


Dopamine is an addictive trigger. Although chats seem like such a good thing, they take up too much of our time. We will sit and continue to type up chats instead of doing the things we are supposed to be doing during the day. You also do not have a subject line with chats, so if you miss an hour during a chat you will have to go back and read every chat to find out what the point is. See This Page for additional information.


We need to keep email around. Email is a convenient and easy way of communication. If Unroll Me could come up with a way to delete and keep away those spam and junk emails it would just make email that much better. You would not have to search through your inbox to find the important emails, they would automatically show up because the junk would be gone. Email is something we need in our lives. Easier ways to use it would just make it that much more convenient.


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