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The story of nick Vertucci

Posted on November 8, 2018 in Business Expert

Who is Nick Vertucci? What does he stand for and what is his legacy? Nick Vertucci is a highly intelligent real estate businessman who has learned a lot from failure. In fact he embraces failure and sees it as a stepping stone for becoming successful. In Nick Vertucci’s book seven figure decisions he talks about his journey into the real estate industry and how he became so successful with it. Nick Vertucci believes in hard work, integrity and taking huge risks. Nick says it’s not about who’s the smartest guy or who’s the most talented but It’s about who can adapt to changes and take on the most risk. Are they willing to do jobs that no one else wants to do? Do they rise up to challenge or do they fear failure? How hard are they willing to work?

Nick Vertucci invented a course called the cash flow system and he worked with other people to help put renters into foreclosures and create a turnkey system. Eventually Nick met a man who had his own real estate training company and they formed a partnership. Together Nick, and his two new business partners taught people the three day cash flow system class. Sometimes it was hard for the company because they’d lose students, him and his partners didn’t always get along well and he suffered two huge loses that sparked his depression.

Not a lot people know that Mr. Vertucci used to be a student at the real estate training school and it helped him a lot when he was drowning in debt and couldn’t make ends meet. He worked extremely hard for ten years straight to pay of his debt get where he is now. Do you think you could work this hard for success? Tell us in the comments below.