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The State of New Mexico Sued over Education Spending

Posted on July 17, 2017 in Education Education Spending Public Education

As an American, what do you do if someone wrongs you? Suing should be the answer to this question and this is what is happening in New Mexico. There is a lawsuit in New Mexico that is challenging the way public schools receive their funding. This comes after some suggestions that the state of New Mexico is not meeting the constitutional obligations to offer every student in the state with important opportunities when it comes to education. This lawsuit has been filed by advocacy groups, school districts as well as parents accusing the state of neglecting a group of people in the society that comprises of students from low-income families and Native American students. The state is also being accused of neglecting students who decide to learn English as a second language. A lead attorney in the case said that this discrimination is coming at a cost to the involved students as they end up missing some opportunities.


The state is also accused of producing half-baked students who cannot sustain the needs of the state economy as well as those of the nation. However, the state through the Republican Gov. Susana Martinez has said that this is a mere witch-hunt and the state is doing more than enough. For instance, the state has introduced specialized programs to assist weak students and those from marginalized areas. Also, the state says that they are calling for school leaders and teachers to be extra careful when dealing with such cases. The state insists that it’s still committed to the academic progress of every student in the state.


The state also acknowledged that New Mexico is one of the poorest states in America and that spending more on public education is not a guarantee of improved test scores. This is according to the opening statements of the state’s lawyers on Monday. New Mexico is not the only state being sued for funds related to public education. Taxpayers in other states are becoming increasingly frustrated by budget priorities of elected officials.