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The Reasons People Sabotage Weight Loss And How To Succeed

Posted on October 7, 2017 in Healthy Living


People sabotage their diets in a lot of different ways. Some people are careful in the beginning, lose a little weight, then revert to their old routines. There is a major difference between knowing what to do and doing it. Diets cannot fix mindless, stressful or emotional eating. A person must understand the reason they overeat. Some people are afraid they will lose food as their escape, or must deal with feelings of fear, disappointment, regret or self-doubt instead of using food to suppress these emotions. Then there are the promises an individual makes themselves regarding what they will do after the weight is lost. These roadblocks are psychological and can be overcome.


The reason many people fail is because they are not certain their goal will improve their lives. This is a conflict often resulting in stagnation. One of the best ways to overcome this is to make a list of why people believe they will fail. Some people have said they do not believe losing weight will be effective long-term. Others want to be able to go out and drink beer without counting carbs and calories. A lot of people are afraid if they do lose the weight they will have to start dating, and they are scared. The deprivation of certain foods, and the need to exercise are even more reasons. The common denominator is the subconscious mind is rationalizing that not losing the weight is a form of protection. The reason each person is holding back must be identified before they can succeed.


When a person challenges their fears, holes are poked in their logic, and their fear can be removed. The fear of the weight loss not being long-term is easily disputed. Many people have accomplished their goals, and kept the weight off. Taking the chance of trying to lose weight again is worth the possible results. The desire to improve health, and lose weight is not going to disappear. Instead of rationalizing, people must be honest with themselves regarding their true reasons. A person can still drink beer and lose weight. This just requires a balance, and can be achieved by choosing when and where to indulge. A good solution is to ask if in two weeks the beer will be memorable. If the answer is no, skip the beer this time.


A person who feels if they lose weight they will have to date is probably afraid of rejection. Perhaps they have had unsuccessful relationships in the past, or are afraid of being vulnerable. Considering the specific reasons for this fear is helpful. As for never being able to enjoy certain foods again, this is not true. Deprivation will ultimately result in failure. Weight loss can occur while a person enjoys their favorite foods. The idea is to be happy and fit, not unhappy and miserable. Life must be enjoyed while achieving a weight loss goal.


Exercise also does not have to be done hours every day. Diet is eighty percent of weight loss. Even with exercise what is important is what happens between exercise sessions. Once a person has successfully challenged their fears, a different list can be made. A list about how fears can be countered by believing life will improve once the excess weight has been lost. This is a list that will bring confidence, and help a person achieve success.


This list should have five reasons why a person believes their life after weight loss has been achieved will be better. Some individuals have said their chances of getting a disease that can be prevented will decrease because they will be healthier. Others have stated they will have more energy to enjoy their families. The reason can be no longer having to hide from a camera, and feeling good about being in a photo, or preventing children from repeating negative eating habits by being a good role model. One of the most common reasons is no longer having to worry about weight.


Weight loss begins by identifying the reasons a person is afraid of succeeding. The problem is rarely a lack of knowledge, but the tendency to repeat the same actions. This usually what a person is thinking, not doing.

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