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The making of Peter Briger the Philanthropist

Posted on September 23, 2018 in Financial Services Investor

Peter Briger is a well-known business leader who lives in California. He is a graduate with a bachelor’s of Arts from Princeton University. Peter Briger achieved his master’s degree in Business Administration in Pennsylvania. Before joining the Fortress Investment group he worked with Goldman Sachs where he was part of management committee and Global control. His fifteen year experience in this company equipped him with the necessary experience before joining Fortress Group. He joined the organization in 2002, and is still a member of the company to date, where he is a manager responsible for assets worth millions of dollars.

Fortress Investment Group is a company which deals with investment management across all continents. The headquarters of this firm are located in the United States,and its main focus is on both private and institutional investors. The firm operations across the continents handles investments worth almost 70$ billion. When the firm went public via an IPO in 2007, he became a billionaire. Currently he stand at position 407 on the Forbes list. Fortress Investment Group is known for its culture of offering extensive training to its employee’s in order to enable them improve on their skills set. It is also known for its motivation of employees.

Peter Briger is a philanthropist, he is well known for his role in community based activities. He is always ready to support the society at any given moment. Peter Briger is a board member for a non-profit making organization known as tipping point. The firm is known for helping the less fortunate people in San Francisco. He is one of the sponsors of central park conservancy where he has donated over half a million dollars. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt.

He is a great supporter to many causes that deal with the provision of education and poverty alleviation, but likes to keep such information private. Since he is a philanthropist, he has funded many programs, such as professorship at Princeton University. Peter Briger came up with a program which was meant to assist graduates to venture into the business world and to enable them to be able to start off their business careers. Many graduates have since benefited from his programs since he is interested in seeing others succeed.

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