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The Feats Of Architect Robert Ivy

Posted on October 5, 2017 in CEO Master Architect

The American Institute of Architects is headed by one of the most acclaimed building designers called Robert Ivy. Robert who studied architecture at the University of Sewanee and a postgraduate degree in the same profession at Tulane University steers AIA in the capacity of CEO and Executive Vice President. Before Robert joined AIA, he held an executive position at the McGraw-Hill Construction.

Robert Ivy’s leadership portfolio and experience in the construction industry spans over a period of two decades. Robert has overseen the publication of numerous papers in the field of architecture. His role as the chief editor of Architectural Record at McGraw-Hill saw his career blossom. Over the period which Ivy held this position, he received numerous accolades for his outstanding performance in the advancement of the field of architecture. In the year 2010, Robert Ivy was named the Master Architect by an organization called the Alpha Rho Chi. Ivy’s feats in the construction industry are not contestable. He has made a career for himself and continues to be an inspiration to uprising professionals in the sector of the built environment.

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AIA, the organization which Robert heads, is based in Washington DC and it’s tasked with the responsibility of representing experts in the field of architecture. Robert’s journey to becoming the CEO of AIA was not an easy one. He had to put in the hard work and spend more time gaining experience and expertise in the field of architecture. With his position, Robert has been able to address some of the issues that affect professionals in the construction industry. Robert’s new job presents him with new challenges that require wit and knowledge to handle. Being a person who loves new challenges, Robert has been able to thrive in his post.

One of Robert Ivy’s biggest tasks, when he joined AIA, was to restore the lost glory of his profession. The built environment plays a significant role in the advancement of today’s society. According to Ivy, the role of architects in the betterment of the society can never be gainsaid. That is why Robert Ivy is keen on leaving behind a legacy when the time comes for him to hang his boots at AIA.

Robert Ivy is the epitome of passion and hard work in the field of architecture. The executive position he holds at AIA demonstrates his competencies in both leadership and profession. Apart from leading AIA, Robert Ivy is an accomplished author. His publications and articles in the field of architecture sensitize the masses on the significance of design in the modern society.

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