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Tedd Bauman’s Work in South Africa and His Venture at Bayan Hill

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Entrepreneur Finance Expert

Ted Bauman has dedicated most of his life helping people around the world in one way or another. He spent two and a half decades in South Africa working on the non-profit sector. He partook on a low-cost housing project to which he was a fund manager. This was his main job back in South Africa which he did with a passion. Through this project, he manages to help the organization fund the construction of several housed in the awe parts of South Africa. He also helped establish the Slum Dwellers International. This is an organization that seeks to help the people living in slum areas both in South Africa and several other third world countries. So far this organization has been able to reach more than 14 million needy slum-dwellers from more than 34 different countries in different continents of the world. As a graduate of the Cape Town University in South Africa, he got to associate with a lot of needy people prompting Bauman to dedicate the 25 years in serving the community.

Ted Bauman after South Africa

Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC and brought up on the Eastern shores of Maryland and only moved to South Africa during his youth, so moving back home was a natural course of action down the line. After 25 years of work in South Africa, he moved back to the United States. Upon arrival to the USA, he decided to help people out in a different way. With an economics and history, he has always had a passion for the finance and investment industry. Investing is quite a big deal in the US so he decided that he would build a career around helping regular investors thrive in the industry. He got a job with Bayan Hill, a research publishing company in 2013. At Bayan Hill, Ted is the brains and the senior editor behind The Ted Bauman Letter newsletter, the Alpha Stock alert as well as the Plan B Club newsletters. He publishes his research findings in areas like protection of assets, low jeopardy investment tactics, as well as issues to do with international migration.

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