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Ted Bauman’s Experience and Expertise is Indisputable

Posted on September 17, 2018 in Businessman Financial Expert

Ted Bauman is the editor of the Bauman Letter and Plan B Club as well as Alpha Stock Alert. He specializes in asset protection, privacy, issues related to international migration and strategies that apply to low-risk investments. In that case, he is knowledgeable in investing, and he shares his expertise through the articles and letters he publishes which makes him a valuable asset to Banyan Hill Publishing a company he joined in 2013. Before becoming a part of Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman served as an editor at Smart Money Alert, a consultant for universal governments and the United Nations and director in International Housing Programs. In his writing, he addresses the topics he feels affect his readers most and interestingly does that as he touches on real-life experiences. Additionally, he appreciates that people ask questions especially regarding the economy which means they pay attention to his columns. Having worked and lived in South Africa, he gained a lot of experience in fund management when he served in profit and not for profit projects.

Ted Bauman is a graduate of the University of Cape Town where he attained postgraduate degrees in economics and history. With such a rich background in his education, he has been in a position to handle issues professionally and skillfully. Regarding the future of individual wealth, he is keen to advise people on how to protect their wealth from unexpected market crashes. One thing that stands out is the fact that one has to be aware of what the market offers and remain vigilant lest end up incurring losses that would have been prevented. Ted Bauman as well advises individuals to invest in stocks and bonds to protect their wealth as they would rarely drop in their value more than physical cash. He is as well a philanthropist which he does by using his expertise in funding of housing projects in South Africa. The fact that he stayed in South Africa for more than twenty-five years means that he understands their needs and works towards assisting them. In that case, he started a foundation known as Slum Dwellers International which has been of assistance to more than fourteen million individuals in 35 countries worldwide.

Learn more about him: http://www.gold-eagle.com/authors/ted-bauman