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Talkspace: The New Face of Therapy

Posted on July 16, 2018 in Anti-Social Personality Disorder

Talkspace is an online and mobile therapy company founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank. In 2012 the pair came up with a mission to create a serve that would help eliminate the stigmas associated with mental illnesses. Their end goal was to help provide mental health services that would be available to everyone in this on the go world. The company may still be considered new but over one million people have already signed up for the service.

To begin the mission the founders of Talkspace needed a way to reach more people, and they needed to provide the same safe environment that clients would receive in an office. This is when the online version of therapy was born. The service is offered today through the use of computers, smart phones, and even tablets. With many safe guards for clients in place the site users will receive the same guaranteed confidentiality that they would receive in any brick and mortar office.

As Talkspace is still in the growing process they have partnered with many corporations. New Directions is just one of the many newer businesses to partner with them. This company already helps many different individuals with behavioral health services to help them balance career with a personal life.

Cultural Vistas partnered in 2017 with Talkspace to help provide mental health services to their clients while they travel around the globe. This company actually won the Innovation Award from GoAbroad.com for this very partnership in June of 2018.

A well known swimming champion named Michael Phelps saw the potential of Talkspace and signed with the company to help promote it. This decision came around after Phelps suffered through his own mental health problems . The internet based therapy company and Phelps are in hope that showing the world that people from all walks of life can have mental health problems may encourage them to seek the help that they need.