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Students Realize Education Is Key; Drop Out Rate Declines

Posted on July 5, 2018 in Drop Out Rate Education Education News

over the last two decades, the drop out rate of high school students has been as high as thirty two percent. Hispanics were in the higher percentile of students between the ages of eighteen and twenty five who had dropped out of school. Recent Census Data indicates that the current number of student drop outs is far less than it was in the year 2000. Improvements in the Black and Hispanic communities is said to be the reason for the record low percentage of drop outs. Black and Hispanic student enrollment in schools across the nation has far exceeded that of white students, whose drop out percentage is not improving at a constant rate.

The most note worthy part about the decline in the drop out rate for the Hispanic population is also due to the increase in the number of Hispanic students in the nation’s schools. The number of Hispanic drop outs in the age range of eighteen to twenty four had reached the astronomical number of 1.5 million students in the year 200. This number started to recline, and had dropped to 880,000 by 2013. Your text to link… This decline can also be due to the marvelous teachers in the school systems of America.

The teachers are starting with the three, four, and five year old children, instilling in them the desire to be successful. Teachers are constantly embedding positive thoughts, desires, morals, and values in their students, and encourages them to always strive for the best. Students gain confidence in themselves, and know that they can do, or be anything that they want to be. All it takes is determination, a will to succeed, and a comparative look at what is out there waiting for them. Getting that job at McDonald’s is not the student dream anymore. Even that requires a high school diploma. Seeing the world as it is, and knowing that there is so much available for them, will entice students to achieve more by staying in school, and going on to further their education. The decline is student drop outs was decades in coming.