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Strange Things Happening In Public Education

Posted on August 17, 2017 in Education Public Education Public Education in America

Public education is seeing some very strange changes in recent days. Mitch Daniels, the former two-term Governor of Indiana is a key player in some of these changes. He is the current President of the University of Perdue, and he took the unmatched step of using the resources of that University to purchase a private for-profit university.

Perdue University kept negotiations secret and very quiet, but they took over for-profit college Kaplan University. It is part of their plan to bring higher education to a larger portion of the world says Mitch Daniels. He says that it will help with innovation and accessibility for students. That is his take on the situation, but NPR reports that there are some who do not see it that way at all.

NPR took the time to sit down with the former Governor to get his side of the story. They wanted to know why he thought it was such a good idea for his public university to take over a private one.

Daniels makes the case that more people are going to college when they are not of the traditional college age. They are older and often working at least part-time while trying to go to school. He says that by having the online college under the banner of Perdue University, the University is able to serve more students. Since working students are the most likely to take online classes, he believes that this deal helps Perdue serve the students most likely to want to achieve a higher education today.

The deal has critics as does the whole for-profit college industry. Some see the for-profit industry as doing nothing more than preying on the hopes and dreams of those who do not yet have a college degree. Unsurprisingly, they see this deal as doing nothing more than rewarding those people. Therefore, there are plenty of ways to view this particular deal. One must judge it for themselves.