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Stansberry Research on the Marijuana Boom and Trump Tariffs

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Business Business Leader Education

Stansberry Research is an American publishing company headquartered out of Baltimore, Maryland. It specializes in investment research, publishing newsletters and other writings. Stansberry Research often publishes content pertaining to natural resources and the power production industry. People from over one hundred countries are subscribed to newsletters produced by Stansberry Research.


Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. It produced a series of opinion pieces. Some of those pieces talked about the auto industry bailout and the financial panic in Europe.


Recently, Stansberry Research released content talking about the possible trade war with the United States and other countries.


Despite warnings from experts and his cabinet, Donald Trump went through with plans to place tariffs on steel and aluminum. Steel received a 25% tariff; aluminum was taxed 10%. China won’t be the only country subjugated to the taxes. Every trade partner of the United States will be affected.


One theory to excuse Trump’s behavior states that the tariffs are a a negotiation tactic. Another idea is that the President is trying to force companies to return to the United States, avoiding the tariffs; however, companies could just raise prices, passing on the cost to the consumers. One thing is certain: it wouldn’t entice companies to move back to the United States right away.


In a different instance, Stansberry Research discussed whether or not the marijuana industry was a wise investment. They discussed how Constellation Brands, the brewers of Corona, and Svedka vodka, invested $4 billion dollars, and what their reasoning for the move may be.


Beer consumption in the United States is going down. This could be why the investment was made. Along with Heineken and Molson Coors Brewing Co., Constellation has already announced plans for cannabis-laced drinks.


Everyone wants to be a part of the marijuana boom. Canada is set to see almost $8 billion dollars in sales in Canada; the United States will see at least $10 billion.