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Speakers John Holt and Others

Posted on July 30, 2017 in Mortgage Banking


Speakers John Holt and several others were present in last year’s Texas Bankers’ Association Annual Conference, and this time, the action happened in beautiful New Orleans. The event lasted no more than a day but felt like a few minutes at maximum as most attendees were presented with life-changing information and strategies on the current banking world and its duplex needs; at the same time, they report enjoying every minute of it and can only further await the next annual event with the greatest anticipation. Furthermore, Holt discussed many modern topics that have still not been brought to the table and thus far and opened many eyes to the possibilities, as well as the pitfalls, that currently weave in and out of modern bankers’ society as a greater whole.



These issues were discussed with a special focus on Texas; it was, after all, the Texas Bankers’ Association. So Holt and others saw it relevant to discuss all matters from a unique perspective – how they relate to Texan bankers, what they can do about it, the current state of Texas banking and more. Overall, all in attendance reported full satisfaction in having attended and shared their point of view, not to mention having better well equipped to return to Texas and face the challenges ahead.



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