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Samuel Strauch Passion In Real Estate Industry

Posted on October 18, 2017 in Business Leader Real Estate

Samuel Strauch obtained his undergraduate degree in commerce from Hofstra University. He also pursued further studies at Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Mr. Strauch began his career in banking but later real estate business that was run by his family in South Florida.

In 2002, he established his own organization that he continues to grow to date by successfully integrating a system of complementary enterprises in acquisitions, equity sourcing, management, development and investments in real estate in Latin America and South Florida. He is also an active investor in numerous restaurant businesses and internet and like photography and avid art.

According to an interview, he held with Ideamensch, Samuel Strauch confessed that he brings ideas to life by thinking forward and being creative as it is what sets people apart as leaders and followers. He emphasized that leaders create a point in order to analyze the viability of every idea that they have to make sure they maintain an open mind. If the idea has any potential in it, immediately time is allocated to it, and the necessary resources channeled to realize the idea. The implementation is critical and that where entrepreneurs excel whereas others fall behind. According to Samuel, you can have a great idea, but if you fail to execute it, it is as good as not having any idea at all.

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Samuel Strauch is excited by more than one trend as he likes to see broader thinking of new generations and paying close attention to any idea that seams potential. He gets his ideas from the way people want to work, live, socialize travel and regard themselves in the society. He thinks the society is going through major transformation which is very exciting. He asserts that this will have a major impact in industries.

One habit that makes Samuel Strauch being productive as an entrepreneur is meditation. He thinks everyone should have meditation. By meditating, he finds he can free his mind and focus on his personal and professional life. He encourages people to meditate as there many benefits that one can achieve.

He also has a fair share of challenges as well. Straight out of college, he got a job at the operations department of a big company. His main responsibility was organizing reports, documents, etc. He found this work boring as his personality is interpersonal and creative. He learned to not to do things that he did not have interest in but focus on what interest him. He, therefore, realized his passion for real estate industry which he has dedicated all his energy and efforts.

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