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Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is celebrating almost 30 Years of Existence

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Business

Next year, Manaira Shopping will be celebrating thirty years serving the people of Paraiba. Manaira Shopping opened its doors 30 years ago with Roberto Santiago as the founder. Roberto Santiago had the idea of bringing the best services and products closer to the people of Joao Pessoa in mind when he started the commercial center. Besides it being a shopping center, Manaira Shopping also has entertainment and leisure facilities.


Isabela Rocha recognized the impact Shopping Manaira has had in Joao Pessoa and countrywide. It had impacted lives positively through provision of services and products which were difficult to find about 30 years ago.


The commercial center started its operations in Joao Pessoa in 1989. Since then, it has grown rapidly and now, it is situated in 80,000 square meters of land and has increased the number of stores to 300. Currently, it is also a center full of leisure and entertainment facilities where people visit and have a good time. Some of the facilities are modern movie theaters, electronic gaming machines as well as modern gym facility among others.


In a statement, Roberto Santiago said that starting Manaira Shopping is the best idea he ever had. He also paid a tribute to his father saying that he supported him and his ideas. Additionally, he commented that his father was a person he could count on for anything.


According to Roberto Santiago, the success of Manaira Shopping was realized by the help of his father, Divaldo da Nobrega as well as his son, Renan Santiago. He is a family man and for the business to thrive the way it has, it has taken the efforts of his whole family.


Apart from Roberto Santiago being a family, he also cares about his community. In line with that, before starting the business, he was looking for ways to solve issues which affected the people of his community. Therefore, that is where the idea of the business was born. Currently, he is always looking for ways to improve the services of the business and make it a best place for the people who visits it.