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Robert Ivy Highlights that Professional Societies Provide Job Opportunities

Posted on October 23, 2018 in CEO

There are a significant number of benefits that professionals are likely to achieve by joining a professional body. One of the main benefit, which will actually help upcoming and fresh graduates is the probability of getting a job. According to Robert Ivy, the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects, many young graduates have little understanding of the market and they don’t know where they can access some job opportunities.

However, according to Robert Ivy, joining a professional society helps those people who are not employed as they can easily secure employment opportunities by networking with different members of the group. People who join a professional society are likely to exchange contacts whereby they will tell one another about new job openings in various parts of the countries. Some have even called others to replace them after they quite or get a better from a different organization. Visit Contractdesign.com

Robert Ivy continues to record that some of the professional societies have platforms where they provide career guidance. They will mostly help young and upcoming professionals to secure jobs in beginner companies before they can help them to advance into the leading companies in a particular industry. There are also some online job boards that are posted by the management of these bodies where those people without a job can go and locate an employment opportunity.

It is also common for a large number of organizations around the world to consider hiring employees directly from the professional bodies as they have a feeling that all those individuals who have been recommended from particular professional bodies are more professional. These organizations also have a feeling that most of the employees who are recommended by societies are much better and more qualified than those not attached to any professional body.

Robert Ivy have continued to indicate that it is necessary for individuals to join professional groups if they want to secure job opportunities. Professional bodies also organize job fairs and also some important job conferences that attract major hiring organizations which is a beneficial factor to all those people who are jobless but possess the necessary skills and knowledge to operate in the industry.

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