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Renovia’s Future Is Looking Bright With Marc Beer Leading The Startup

Posted on October 20, 2018 in Biotechnology Entrepreneurs Finance People

Women all over the world have to deal with various diseases that only afflicts them, which is why Renovia is a startup dedicated to bringing new treatment options to women around the globe. There are hundreds of millions of women around the world today that are suffering from a specific kind of disease, pelvic floor disorder, which is a difficult illness for women to deal with on a daily basis. Renovia is currently trying to find new treatments and cures for pelvic floor disorder as well as other disorders that can be treated. Renovia has been in the market for just two years and they have already managed to get one of their products approved by the FDA. Leva, Renovia’s first approved drug for treating women with pelvic floor disorder, is already making its way around to help women. Marc Beer has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and he has personally developed other treatments in the past to help people. Due to the various difficulties in creating a treatment without a backing company, Marc decided to start up Renovia and make things official.


Renovia is dedicated to research and treatment for people all over the world, especially women. Since first opening, Renovia has had scientists researching various illnesses for women. Leva took several years to develop and Marc believes that it can still be improved further to make it more simple for women to use. For instance, with more research and funding, Marc believes they can make portable devices for Leva to help women all throughout the day. In the latest funding series, Marc was able to pull in more than 40 million dollars from various sources, many of which are healthcare organizations looking to help. With more funding series coming in the future, Leva will be able to improve and other drugs will be able to be developed to help treat more illnesses. Renovia started up just two years ago in 2016, but that doesn’t take away from its importance. Renovia is gaining the attention of the healthcare industry for their approach and research for women. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer