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Public Education Standards Need New Measures

Posted on February 7, 2018 in Education Education News Public Education

More and more educators, school administration, and parents are coming to the conclusion that the current one course fits all public education system with an emphasis on standardized testing is failing to provide students with a great public education. Teaching has always been a profession that requires passion, a certain understanding of the many ways students learn, expertise in specific topics, and trust. The new standards introduced in public education have not only made funding tied to results on standardized tests, but has changed the way our children are learning.

A recent article by a proponent for public education and educators argues that by stifling and micromanaging our teachers we are doing more harm in the classroom than good. The author indicates that exception teachers are lost in this new system, their particular skills and abilities ignored, and any expertise in certain subjects lost to the standard system in which they are expected to teach with little to no variation from classroom to classroom and student to student. This flies in the face of everything every teacher knows about the way student learn and develop. In fact, most teachers would argue that these standards strip teachers of any control they have over their classrooms, teaching, and inspiration and drive they are expected to give students.

According to current test results each year more and more students fail to achieve the most basic standards of learning according to the their age and level of instruction given. Even more dire are the number of students graduating without having achieved a level of literacy capable of gaining them employment, when literacy is the main goal of public education and the very reason why it was instituted in the United States. Going forward the only way to correct the current tide of results is to give control of the classroom and students to the teachers.