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PSI Pay, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and More

Posted on July 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Bitcoin has had quite a roller coaster experience since it first opened its doors back in 2009. Bitcoin’s presence has expanded significantly since then. This has made people everywhere pay a lot of attention to matters that pertain to virtual currency. The subject is rather detail-oriented and difficult, though. That’s the reason the media frequently make the mistake of mixing Bitcoin up with other more widely known electronic money options. E-money and cryptocurrency depend on methods that are nowhere near the same.


E-money, first of all, refers to traditional money and electronic storage requirements. It has the support of fiat currency. It has guidance from centralized financial institutions in many cases. People who use e-money have to set up accounts for electronic money. They have to do so via platforms like ecoPayz. This type of money is employed for applications that relate to the Internet. It’s connected to traditional currency as well.


People typically employ e-money as a means of managing electronic deals via apps. People who depend on prepaid cards that are attached to their accounts can switch money out for physical offerings, too.


Bitcoin and electronic money are in no way, shape or form one and the same. Bitcoin refers to a kind of cryptocurrency that depends on interactions that occur between peers. It lacks the guidance of a centralized specialist. The value of this cryptocurrency differs by the confidence other individuals have in it. It’s an option that can come in handy for people who simply do not want to turn to fiat currency. It differs from fiat currency in that it’s never printed at all. Bitcoin amounts are restricted to 21 million. This restriction guarantees that inflation has zero impact on the cryptocurrency universe. PSI-Pay comprehends that Bitcoin and e-money are totally different concepts. PSI-Pay knows that these choices have varied aims and abilities.


PSI-Pay Ltd. has revealed recently that 2015 was a strong financial year for it. This is among the United Kingdom’s top businesses with in-depth FinTech regulation. PSI-Pay has finished its major update. It has put together ties with suppliers that are more rock-solid than ever before. It has even put a lot of focus on its technological strengths. Security is a bigger highlight for the PSI-Pay team than in the past. Phil Davies works as the managing director of PSI-Pay right now. He states that the driven company is moving into other nations.