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PodcastOne: Improving advertisement through reliable research

Posted on October 23, 2017 in Business Entrepreneur Radio

To ascertain the efficiency of podcast marketing promotion, PodcastOne engaged Edison Research Strategy to perform research for five brands. The analysis covered the different products and service classes. In essence, the studies were carried out before and after podcast promotions were done. PodcastOne is an advertiser-supported podcast network. Being a major podcast advertiser, it highlights more than three hundred hours of programs every week. It covers over two hundred of favorite trendy podcasts.

The results, which were announced by PodcastOne CEO Norman Pattiz and Vice President of Edison Research Strategy, Tom Webster, revealed a significant positive influence of podcast advertising. In particular, there was an improvement in intent or willingness to purchase. The study involved already established brands and lesser known. The former products were in the process of launching new campaigns while the latter wanted to boost their popularity.

The researchers carried out surveys of the online audience for top podcasts before advertising campaigns were launched. The surveys were repeated after each brand had covered four to six weeks promotion on the selected podcasts. The methodology used enabled the study to illustrate the impact of podcast advertising based on significant measures of effectiveness. PodcastOne allowed the research team to undertake an independent survey for accurate, consistent and reliable results.

Among the brands involved includes grocery, automobile, restaurant, financial service, and garden and lawn product. From the research, only seven percent of the listeners in the pre-study mentioned a specific grocery brand. However, there was a significant change with up to sixty percent of the listeners in the post-study mentioning the particular product. In another instance, twenty-two percent of listeners had the intent to use a garden and lawn product up from sixteen percent before the study.

Responsiveness to the specific automobile product increased by sixty percent while that of a restaurant went up by seventy-six percent from the pre to post study. Interestingly, unaided brand awareness increased by a relatively lesser margin. For instance, it only increased by forty-seven percent for automobile products.

The CEO Norman Pattiz, who is also the founder, believes that the results validate PodcastOne’s integrated approach to measurement and advertising. Pattiz is well versed in the broadcasting industry having founded Westwood One, one of America’s largest entities in the industry. He has also been appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush to sever in the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The board oversees all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the United States.