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Planning Without Stressing

Posted on April 10, 2017 in Event Planners

If you’re planning a party, there are a few tips from event planning companies in NYC that you can use to relieve some of the stress associated with everything from what to serve to guests to decorations.


The first thing that should be done is to get organized. Make a list of the people you want to invite along with the items on the menu and the budget that you have to work with. A master list is a good idea to have, changing it to suit the type of event that you are planning. Decide on a theme for the party. It could be a fiesta or a scene from a favorite book or movie. Let guests know about the theme, especially if you want them to dress up to celebrate the event. Have games that blend with the theme as well as food and decorations.


Online invitations are good to send as a reminder, but an invitation that you deliver by hand or that you send in the mail is formal and should still be a part of the party planning as it makes guests feel wanted and welcomed at the event. If you plan on offering drinks at the party, then consider a self-serve bar. This will allow guests to get what they want at any time instead of waiting on you to serve a specific kind of beverage. Include this information on the invitations that are sent as some guests might want to bring a favorite drink. An important part of any event is to make guests of all ages feel comfortable. Set up a children’s area and a table where they can have fun without getting involved with the talk from the adults.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the corporate event planners in NYC that offers everything from decorating to meal planning. The company works with some of the largest vendors in the world. Twenty Three Layers has one goal in mind, and that’s to make each event as special as possible.

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