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Pittsburgh Steelers Setting the New Standard In Fashion For the NFL

Posted on July 13, 2016 in Women in Busin Women in Business

The Pittsburgh Steelers are among the first professional sports teams in the country to understand you can cheer on your team and still look very good doing so. For years, fashion, when talking about something like the NFL was the choice between the standard team jersey and a pink one for women.

Susan McGalla, who is the Steelers’ new director of strategic planning, has taken aim at the fashion industry when it comes to her team. She wants to make sure people who want to look good while supporting their team have something to wear.

Susan McGalla, who has a long history in the fashion industry, has launched endeavors with Pandora Jewelry, and Tommy Bahama. Nike Golf and Victoria’s Secret have also signed deals with the team in order to sell Steelers’ themed merchandise.

Before she came to the NFL franchise, Susan McGalla was likely best known for the work she did with American Eagle Outfitters. She is also someone who has deep ties to Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh. Not only was she once a trustee for the University of Pittsburgh and she has served as the director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

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She has clearly made sure that she leans on her expertise in the fashion industry to successfully change the way the Steelers are selling clothes and accessories. What might get lost in the shuffle is that Susan McGalla is also leaning on her more general retail expertise to find a way to sell these new accessories.

When talking about the launch of this new clothing line, McGalla has talked about much she wants to make sure people can buy what they want, using whatever device they want. She has specifically worked to make sure people who are using mobile devices and laptops can shop and purchase whatever they see they want.

The NFL has always looked to lure in women as a fan base. They’ve largely managed to do that over the last few years. The new goal is to make sure these women feel confident wearing their team when the go out on the town. McGalla is showing the league how that can be accomplished. See: https://about.me/SusanMcGalla