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Perry Mandera’s Has A Lot Of Passion For Helping The Community Of Chicago

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Business Education Public Education

Perry Mandera is the founder of the Custom Care Companies. This company provides transportation services to all types of business and has become a preference for many people due to the provision of quality services. He also serves as the director of the Illinois Transportation Association. Without any doubt, Perry Mandera has made immense success in his business. He has vast knowledge in the transportation sector. After high school, he joined the US Marine Corps Reserves. He later worked for transportation companies until he was able to establish his own company in 1986.


Perry Mandera is an extraordinary entrepreneur. Besides striving to make his company among the best in the industry, he also seeks to promote quality life among individuals by giving back to the community. He established the Custom Care Charities with the aim of helping people in the society. Many individuals in Chicago have benefited from the charitable activities organized by Perry Mandera. Through this organization, he gave several families money so that they could enjoy their holidays.


Perry Mandera also has an interest in promoting youth development. Over the years, he has acted as a sponsor to several sports teams around Chicago and beyond. He coaches kids and adults in various sports field as he has a passion for the sector. He also provides funds to companies that are interested in uplifting the community. These organizations that he associates himself with include Jesse White Tumblers, and Walter & Connie Foundation. Through his support to the Cancer Cures and Prevention, this organization has been able to render their assistance towards cancer awareness and prevention.


Perry Mandera’s help towards the community is diverse. He donated 6500 coats to children so that they would feel cold during the winter. His transportation company has also come in handy especially when natural disasters strike. In 2013, when a tornado hit Washington, he offered his transportation services to distribute food and other supplies to the people who were affected.


Perry Mandera’s charitable activities are creating a positive transformation in the society. Individuals and companies have grown due to his efforts.