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People on Jimmy Kimmel Live Apologize to Teachers for Past Mistakes

Posted on July 6, 2018 in Jimmy Kimmel Live

Most teachers put up with a lot of grief in school. Students are unruly, they don’t like to listen and most will argue with a teacher every chance they get. Some teachers really put up with a lot of crap from their previous students. What is amazing about this truth is that students who did these wrong things knew that they were doing bad and not caring.

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, went to the streets of Hollywood. He wanted to find some people to apologize about the past grief they gave to their teachers. Huffington Post featured this segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live on their site on a video. Let’s take a look at what some former students had to apologize about after harassing their teacher.

One young lady apologized for failing an exam because she was drunk. Another guy said that he was sorry for constantly kicking his kindergarten teacher for no reason at all. Kimmel interviewed a guy who stated that he and some of his pals stole a teacher’s car and somehow put it on the roof of a building. Some people went as far as stealing their teacher’s checkbook and went to jail for the act.

All of these apologies were given during Teachers Appreciation Week. Many teachers know and understand that they are always going to be at odds with many of their students. Still, they have a job to do with educating them and guiding them in the right direction. A teacher might not get all of the respect they deserve but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like their jobs. Most teachers like their occupation and are willing to take the good with the bad. So, if you have ever done anything in your past against one of your former teachers; maybe you should apologize and not make the same mistake again with someone else.