What Makes OSI Group A Global Leader In The Food Processing Industry?

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OSI Group is a food processing company that has experienced tremendous growth in the processed food industry. One of their main strategies that make the company successful is ensuring that they provide the specific product and services ordered by their customers. Instead of offering a standard catalog of food, the company focusses on understanding specific culinary profile each client is looking for and then formulate a customized product for them. Another technique includes carrying out thorough research on new consumer trends, flavors, and methodologies towards improving food production in the world. This is an aspect of adaptability, and OSI is working towards moving at the same speed as their consumers.

OSI Group is capable of developing menus for every meal of the day including breakfast, lunch, supper, snacking, deliveries and special orders such as a vegetarian meal. The company has four major food processing services, and these include beef processing, poultry processing, pork processing, and sous vide processing. The beef processing includes products that are raw, cooked and twisted products such as beefsteak, burgers, meatloaf, meatballs, hot dogs and Salisbury steak. Poultry processing includes chicken meatballs, breaded and battered chicken pieces and raw cuts in specific facilities in China and the United States.

Pork processing involves products that are raw, cooked sausages links and patties, riblets, roasted pork, bacon chips, precooked bacon strips, and bacon bits. Pork processing has some special products such as pepperoni, salami, Genoa and hot dogs. Finally, there is the sous vide food, and this is a culinary trend whereby customers request for a special order that provides them with a food safety solution. For instance, a client may request for vegetable products only or food made of protein items only, and OSI usually has this category to ensure that every customer gets satisfied. Providing customers with a variety of choices and being flexible to produce their customized orders earns their trust, and this has helped OSI Group to maintain and expand their clientele base across the world.

OSI Group also boasts of their incredible commitment towards food safety, and this is a trend that has built their reputation in the industry. Dr. Kenneth Peterson is the head of food safety division in the company since the year 2015, and his roles include ensuring Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Standards are observed in all operations. This division was created specifically because OSI Group cannot risk any chance of contaminating their commitment to providing the best to their customers. OSI Industries values customers’ taste and preferences, the power of diversity in production and food safety, and this has greatly led to their current global success.

Custom Companies Offers Top-Tier Services And Promotes Benevolence

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Offering reliable, affordable, and world-class services, Custom Companies is a transportation company offering a wide variety of transportation solutions. Driven by their desire to provide a robust line of services “under one roof,” Custom Companies expanded their knowledge as an attempt to cater to a broad audience. Currently, Custom Companies offers the following services.


  • Partial load services


  • Hot shot services


  • Expedited shipping


  • Logistics management


  • Intermodal transportation


  • Warehousing


  • Dry-van transportation


  • Temperature-controlled services


  • Flatbed services


Their mantra, do it right the first time, inspires employees to uphold a strong sense of industry excellence. This “custom culture” is in large part why Custom Companies has earned an outpouring of praise in their trade. What’s more, Custom Companies offers reliability and flexibility, two values that consumers appreciate. If not for their sound philosophies that make them a standout, Custom Companies would be deemed another run-of-the-mill transportation company. Fortunately, their many merits have solidified their eminence. Though Custom Companies boasts 30 years of experience, they continually refine their skills in hopes of remaining at the forefront of their field.


In addition to being esteemed by their valued clients, employees hold Custom Companies in high regard as well. With their opportunities for growth and competent management team, Custom Companies sets their employees up for success. Though the industry is competitive, a healthy dose of competition springs employees into action. What’s more, it shapes self-discipline and inspires workers to cultivate new skills in the name of standing out. Above all else, staffers take pride in working for Custom Companies, especially with Perry Mandera at the helm. Applauded for his charity work, Mandera is a philanthropist to the core. As the face of Custom Companies, this honorable reputation bodes well for the company, and it makes employees proud to be a part of such a “noble organization.”


IC System, Accounts Receivable Stalwart, Collects Recognition

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IC System, a family-owned, third generation receivables management company, has been named by Minnesota’s Star Tribune as one of its Top 150 Workplaces in the state in 2018. IC System, which was also named to the Star Tribune’s 2017 list of Top Workplaces, was honored largely due to responses from it’s own employees, who were among 71,000 employees from 2400 varied companies across the state to take part. In order to be considered for the list, a company must have greater than 50 Minnesota employees.


The Star Tribune’s Michael J. Klingensmith, praises IC System and other companies on the list for maintaining outstanding work settings among the many companies in Minnesota. In the rankings, IC System came in at #33 among other medium-sized companies in the state.


John Erickson, Jr., IC System President and CEO, describes being named to the list as an honor, and was quick to note that the company has been named to the list in consecutive years. The company’s focus on its employees, he says, is a key corporate value. He goes on to say that the company endeavors to make the workplace a gratifying place to work. Erickson adds that it is a great source of pride to know that IC System employees are happy to be with the company.


The company remains one of the country’s largest debt recovery companies, and has been on the cutting edge of industry innovation. A dedication to ethical business practices has led to IC System being awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics in 2013, 2014, and 2015.


IC System was founded in 1938 by Jack and Ruth Erickson, and has remained family-owned since then. The company provides customized debt recovery services across the country for small businesses, healthcare and dental organizations,and utilities, among others. IC System bridges the gap between patients and organizations in managing accounts receivable.


Navigating the Smartphone: TeenSafe helps teens stay safe on the road

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Navigating the upbringing of a child was a difficult path, even before the invention of smartphones. Parents have long been concerned about the time when their teens first take to the road, and anxiously await the time when their teens are allowed to drive without parental supervision. Teens often do not know how to safely operate with their newfound freedom.


Distracted and impaired driving has a profound impact on teenagers who are just learning to drive, and the abundance of technology has only exacerbated this issue as teens can not alway discern the dangers of texting on the road.


Those who text and drive are twenty-three times more likely to get in an accident than those who do not text and drive. As teenagers brains are forming, many parents look for technological tools to help aid them in ensuring the safety of their children. It is important for teenagers to learn the proper use of technology, and that includes using it at the right time and place—not behind the wheel!


Technology companies, such as TeenSafe, have developed tools to help parents protect their children from the new dangers presented by their own savvy. Among TeenSafe’s services is a tool which prevents teens from receiving texts, calls, and other alerts while on the road, which discourages teenage phone use while driving.


The service provided by TeenSafe allows for teens to call emergency services at all times, while preventing them from using their phones for other purposes, such as keeping up with friends on various social media apps. The ability to make these calls safeguards teens in the event that they were to encounter a true emergency while on the road—encouraging them to keep up on the latest social media emergencies off the road.


TeenSafe’s services give parents peace of mind, while allowing teenagers to explore the world and develop habits that will stay with them long after their teenage years.


Steve Hutensky Joins Nicole Kidman On A New Project

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Nicole Kidman, who has recently joined the cast of “Fair and Balanced,” and is already working on “The Female Persuasion,” “The Expatriates,” as well as, “Truly, Madly Guilty”; is now setting her sights on a new project. In addition to her work on the second season of the HBO show “Big Little Lies,” Steve Hutensky, from Bruna Papandrea’s “Made Up Stories”, will be joining Nicole Kidman as an Executive Producer on the upcoming screen adaptation of author Cecelia Ahern’s collection of short stories, “Roar.” They will be working in conjunction with Ahern’s Greenlight Go Productions and Blossom Films. Kidman will also be appearing in Karyn Kusama’s “Destroyer” which will be in theatres this December.

Hutensky and Kidman will be joined by other notable, small screen names such as Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive, from “GLOW,” the women’s wrestling drama and comedy which has been signed for a third season on NetFlix. Both will be acting as showrunners for the project. Mensch and Flahive have worked together previously on “Nurse Jackie.”

Consisting of thirty short stories, “Roar” explores the various contradictions and issues in women’s daily lives. The stories relay the moments the define the modern lives of women, both public and private.

“I’m incredibly honored to be working with this phenomenal team in bringing ‘Roar’ from the page to the screen,” said Ahern. “The women in this collection have lived and breathed with me for so very long, I’m excited to begin the next journey of amplifying their voices.”

Ahern’s previous works, “P.S. I Love You” and “Where Rainbows End” have already been turned into films and she has worked previously on “Samantha Who?” as well. “Roar,” in it’s book form, will be hitting shelves in the United States, April 2019, through Grand Central Publishing and will be available through HarperCollins UK, in the UK by November.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals Launched ZiNGO To Reduce Anxiety

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Marathon Pharmaceuticals develops and launches rare disease treatments. Marathon’s focus is on small volume medications that are difficult to manufacture. The company also explores treatments for neurological disorders, rare cancers, and various other conditions. Its headquarters is in Northbrook, Illinois and there are offices in Chicago and New Jersey. The company is opening the Marathon Bioscience Center for clinical, regulatory, and research staff. They develop therapies for central nervous system diseases, cancer, endocrine deficiencies, gastrointestinal diseases, and movement disorders.

One of the medications they specialize in is Amytal Sodium. It is a barbiturate derivative used to treat insomnia. Marathon Pharmaceuticals also markets Seconal Sodium for insomnia, as well as a pre-anesthetic prior to surgery. It markets PEPCID, a prescription strength histamine H2-receptor antagonist. It decreases the amount of acid in the stomach. Patients have had fast heart burn relief and the alleviation of nighttime heartburn. It is recommended by doctors as a short-term ulcer treatment and a gastroesophageal treatment. Marathon marketed opium tincture for the treatment of diarrhea. It reduces muscle contractions and digestive secretions.

ZiNGO, a powder intradermal injection system, is the company’s most well-known product. It delivers local anesthetic for venous access pain without a needle. It is a single-use, hand-held device that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It delivers .5mg of powdered licodaine with the push of a button. It numbs the application site in under three minutes, and the powder diminishes 10 minutes later. An IV cannulation involves placing a cannula inside a vein, which causes children to have anxiety. ZiNGO guarantees that children wont feel any pain due to the powered lidocaine. MD, William T. Zempsky, led ZiNGO’s pediatric clinical trials. One of the most common causes of procedural-related pain at the hospital is peripheral intravenous catheter placement.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Medline to market and distribute ZiNGO. Luke Stevens is the President of Medline’s Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals Division. He said his company was excited to work with Marathon Pharmaceuticals and provide this innovative product. ZiNGO was originally provided to children’s hospitals, community hospitals, and medical centers.



Perry Mandera’s Has A Lot Of Passion For Helping The Community Of Chicago

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Perry Mandera is the founder of the Custom Care Companies. This company provides transportation services to all types of business and has become a preference for many people due to the provision of quality services. He also serves as the director of the Illinois Transportation Association. Without any doubt, Perry Mandera has made immense success in his business. He has vast knowledge in the transportation sector. After high school, he joined the US Marine Corps Reserves. He later worked for transportation companies until he was able to establish his own company in 1986.


Perry Mandera is an extraordinary entrepreneur. Besides striving to make his company among the best in the industry, he also seeks to promote quality life among individuals by giving back to the community. He established the Custom Care Charities with the aim of helping people in the society. Many individuals in Chicago have benefited from the charitable activities organized by Perry Mandera. Through this organization, he gave several families money so that they could enjoy their holidays.


Perry Mandera also has an interest in promoting youth development. Over the years, he has acted as a sponsor to several sports teams around Chicago and beyond. He coaches kids and adults in various sports field as he has a passion for the sector. He also provides funds to companies that are interested in uplifting the community. These organizations that he associates himself with include Jesse White Tumblers, and Walter & Connie Foundation. Through his support to the Cancer Cures and Prevention, this organization has been able to render their assistance towards cancer awareness and prevention.


Perry Mandera’s help towards the community is diverse. He donated 6500 coats to children so that they would feel cold during the winter. His transportation company has also come in handy especially when natural disasters strike. In 2013, when a tornado hit Washington, he offered his transportation services to distribute food and other supplies to the people who were affected.


Perry Mandera’s charitable activities are creating a positive transformation in the society. Individuals and companies have grown due to his efforts.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is celebrating almost 30 Years of Existence

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Next year, Manaira Shopping will be celebrating thirty years serving the people of Paraiba. Manaira Shopping opened its doors 30 years ago with Roberto Santiago as the founder. Roberto Santiago had the idea of bringing the best services and products closer to the people of Joao Pessoa in mind when he started the commercial center. Besides it being a shopping center, Manaira Shopping also has entertainment and leisure facilities.


Isabela Rocha recognized the impact Shopping Manaira has had in Joao Pessoa and countrywide. It had impacted lives positively through provision of services and products which were difficult to find about 30 years ago.


The commercial center started its operations in Joao Pessoa in 1989. Since then, it has grown rapidly and now, it is situated in 80,000 square meters of land and has increased the number of stores to 300. Currently, it is also a center full of leisure and entertainment facilities where people visit and have a good time. Some of the facilities are modern movie theaters, electronic gaming machines as well as modern gym facility among others.


In a statement, Roberto Santiago said that starting Manaira Shopping is the best idea he ever had. He also paid a tribute to his father saying that he supported him and his ideas. Additionally, he commented that his father was a person he could count on for anything.


According to Roberto Santiago, the success of Manaira Shopping was realized by the help of his father, Divaldo da Nobrega as well as his son, Renan Santiago. He is a family man and for the business to thrive the way it has, it has taken the efforts of his whole family.


Apart from Roberto Santiago being a family, he also cares about his community. In line with that, before starting the business, he was looking for ways to solve issues which affected the people of his community. Therefore, that is where the idea of the business was born. Currently, he is always looking for ways to improve the services of the business and make it a best place for the people who visits it.



Dr. Dov Rand: Combining different programs to resolve weight-loss and anti-aging

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Dov Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging medical Center, a facility that resolves medical conditions related to aging. He integrates hormone therapy with other treatments. The treatment plans that he offers leaves his patients with a hormonal balance that is equal to levels of healthy individuals. This kind of treatment lowers the effects and chances of secondary symptoms. This impact will add to the general health of the patient. Effects such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia which normally accompany many medical conditions can be reduced significantly or eliminated entirely. Dr. Dov Rand combines the hormone balance program with diet and exercises programs to attain natural healing of the patients.

Weight Loss

Some of the conditions he resolves are anti-aging and weight reduction. By integrating nutrition therapies and other supportive plans, the metabolic functions will improve and result in weight-loss. Each of his patients is given a personalized medical plan depending on his or her condition.


Dov Rand offers a variety of solutions to the problems that people face. Some people suffer weight-gain due to factors such as menopause. Such people need a different type of approach in their treatment. All treatments that will lead to weight loss are offered by Dr. Rand.


Dov Rand is an expert on anti-aging treatment. He understands the treatment of this condition based on analysis. Under the right conditions, aging can be slowed down or by reversing the effects of the aging causing substance in human body. He explains the process to his patients so that they can understand what is happening to the bodies and also so that they can resolve the outstanding issues that they have.</p>

Integrated hormonal therapies


Hormone therapy is the core treatment method that Dr. Dov Rand uses in his weight-loss and anti-aging treatment. These treatments methods can be extremely beneficial to the people. The therapies that he uses are patented with other supportive programs. So, his patients do not only benefit from the hormones control; they also benefit from exercises treatment and diet programs. When all these programs are combined, there are little chances that they treatment will fail.



Stansberry Research on the Marijuana Boom and Trump Tariffs

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Stansberry Research is an American publishing company headquartered out of Baltimore, Maryland. It specializes in investment research, publishing newsletters and other writings. Stansberry Research often publishes content pertaining to natural resources and the power production industry. People from over one hundred countries are subscribed to newsletters produced by Stansberry Research.


Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. It produced a series of opinion pieces. Some of those pieces talked about the auto industry bailout and the financial panic in Europe.


Recently, Stansberry Research released content talking about the possible trade war with the United States and other countries.


Despite warnings from experts and his cabinet, Donald Trump went through with plans to place tariffs on steel and aluminum. Steel received a 25% tariff; aluminum was taxed 10%. China won’t be the only country subjugated to the taxes. Every trade partner of the United States will be affected.


One theory to excuse Trump’s behavior states that the tariffs are a a negotiation tactic. Another idea is that the President is trying to force companies to return to the United States, avoiding the tariffs; however, companies could just raise prices, passing on the cost to the consumers. One thing is certain: it wouldn’t entice companies to move back to the United States right away.


In a different instance, Stansberry Research discussed whether or not the marijuana industry was a wise investment. They discussed how Constellation Brands, the brewers of Corona, and Svedka vodka, invested $4 billion dollars, and what their reasoning for the move may be.


Beer consumption in the United States is going down. This could be why the investment was made. Along with Heineken and Molson Coors Brewing Co., Constellation has already announced plans for cannabis-laced drinks.


Everyone wants to be a part of the marijuana boom. Canada is set to see almost $8 billion dollars in sales in Canada; the United States will see at least $10 billion.