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North Carolina Public Education Has Suffered Due To Budget Cuts

Posted on January 31, 2018 in Public Education Public Education Systems

Based on the statistics, a person would not get a good impression of public education in North Carolina. Carolina is usually ranked in the lowerest percentile for per-pupil spending and teacher pay. It is ranked 36th in the average salary for teachers and 34th in the average yearly salary for teachers. These are other statistics don’t make public education in North Carolina:
▪ Quality of school system – 13th
▪ Pupil-teacher ratio – 34th
▪ Public-school spending per student – 43rd
▪ Teachers’ income growth potential – 38th
▪ Ten-year change in teacher salaries – 46th
▪ Teacher safety – 43rd

According to James Hogan, a writer and fundraiser at Davidson College who used to be a teacher at Davidson College, believes that cuts in the school budget are the main reason for the downturn in the NC public education. Hogan does not like to exaggeration, but he believes that government of North Carolina is in war against its public education system.

This downward spiral of the North Carolina school system may have begun when the Republicans became the majority in North Carolina legislature in 2012. The first thing that they did was to lower the high deficit that the sate had incurred. To get rid of this deficit, they got rid of thousands of teachers and cut the public education budget by about a half a billion US dollars. The Republicans felt their cuts would make the economy grow.

The fiscal growth went up 2 percent that year, but it did not help the public school education system. The assistant teachers had to make up for loss of teachers and had to work twice harder. The infrastructure of the schools is in urgent need of repair. The NC public schools have not recovered from what the Republicans and they are still in poor standing today.