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Norman Pattiz And His Study On Radio Advertising

Posted on June 11, 2017 in CEO

Norman Pattiz is the CEO of Westwood One, and he has grown a major radio empire that he started many years ago. He is one of he most-influential people in the radio industry, and he has commissioned a study on radio advertising that will prove to be quite informative. This article shows how he has given quite a lot of information to the general public, and it shows that he is trying to improve the radio industry one ad at a time.

#1: What Does The Study Say?

The study says that there are many businesses who are gaining brand recognition through radio ads, and these ads are successful mostly for businesses such as grocery stores. The brand recognition is the most-important part of the radio advertising process, and Norman’s study shows that recognition happens much faster because of the way radio is used for advertising.

#2: The Recognized Brands

The study asked people remember the names of companies they had heard on the radio, and there were many brands that performed well in the study. Norman has proven that passive use of a radio increases brand recognition because the ads run consistently, and he wants other radio stations to use these principles to manage their ads properly. Someone who has questions about the ads that they are running should look closer at the study as it provides information on managing radio budgets.

#3: Selling Advertising

Selling advertising at a radio station is quite simple as these companies are solicited for ads every day. They make the bulk of their income from ads, and they sell them to local companies that wish to be recognized. These companies will create their own content, and they will ensure that the ads sound perfect before they go on the radio.

#4: Norman’s Career

Norman Pattiz has a long and distinguished career in radio that has shown he knows all that is needed to make the radio industry better. Westwood One alone has brought quite a lot of attention to the radio industry, and Norman has been at the heart of the company’s growth. He knows how to manage a station, and he is releasing his information to everyone who needs it.

There are quite a few people who will enjoy listening tot he radio, and they will hear ads that have been studied by Norman Pattiz. This study is something he hopes will help the industry as a whole.