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Nick Vertucci Is An Accomplished Poker Player And Real Estate Investor

Posted on December 29, 2018 in Business Expert

It is always inspiring to see an individual that is a success and is also self-made. It takes a great deal of effort in order to start and run a successful enterprise on one’s own. Nick Vertucci is a self-made millionaire through his real estate investments and house flipping, which he started back in 2000. An unfortunate disaster caused Nick Vertucci to start over and one of his first choices was real-estate. If it had not been real estate, it probably would be been poker. Since 2004, Nick has been an active poker player in the professional scene, entering himself in tournaments and winning relatively high places when he finishes. These days more than ever, Nick is putting his focus on the professional poker environment, alongside his real estate work.

Even before the time Nick became a real estate investor, he was playing poker as a past time. After winning 8th place in his very first real tournament, Nick Vertucci was confident in his ability and kept on improving his poker skills, at least partially while he did his real estate investing. Nick has not made a fortune by playing poker by no means, but he has won tens of thousands of dollars over the years for placing relatively high in his tournaments. Obviously, Nick Vertucci is not hurting for money and he doesn’t need to worry about making first place given that he is already a busy man, but tens of thousands of dollars is still impressive when most people who play only lose money.

Nick says that he has learned many lessons as a real estate investor that have helped him on his journey to being a better poker player and vice versa. The uncertainty of both fields is what Nick Vertucci understands most. It is always a guessing game and the better guesses he makes, the more success he is able to achieve.

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