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Nick Vertucci Has Combined Poker With Real Estate

Posted on December 19, 2018 in Businessman

Nick Vertucci is well-known for his investing accomplishments, but he has actually been a big name in the poker scene for quite some time now. It seems hard to believe that Nick Vertucci could be a good poker player given that he is in real estate and has put in so much time for his success. Not only did he just release a book on real estate known as Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed, but he has his own real estate academy as well. Despite this, Nick Vertucci has remained an active poker player for more than two decades, playing casually and professionally in tournaments around the country. Nick believes poker has even influenced his own approach to the real estate industry.

By playing poker for so long, since before he even began in real estate, Nick has been able to improve his ability to read what other people are thinking and their intentions. This is especially true going against some of the best players out there today. Just like in poker, real estate is a lot of predicting what is coming next in the market and what the other person’s move is with a property. There are few other exercises or games out there that are able to work on this skill like playing poker can. Since Nick began playing poker, he has been doing it with the intention of getting better and succeeding, regardless of him playing casually.

As a poker player and a successful real estate investor, Nick Vertucci has become quite the popular figure in the United States. He has a successful real estate business, a real estate academy, and a semi-pro poker career. To top it all off, Nick Vertucci is a writer and has just published his own book to help others on their journey to success.