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Nick Vertucci encourages others through his successful life

Posted on July 29, 2018 in Business Expert

When one gains profound knowledge about a specific area, it is wise to pass that knowledge to the next generation for the benefit of preserving it and benefitting from it. Nick Vertucci’s NVREA (Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy) is precisely depicting this through its excellent work of equipping investors with the necessary skills to infiltrate the real estate business world.

Nick Vertucci is an epitome of success today though his story has a lot of ups and downs. In his recent book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed, he shows his determination to rise above the various challenges he faced in his life on his way to the top as an entrepreneur. Born from a low-income family, it would take a great effort to become who he is today.

In his book, Nick Vertucci relates how he began a tech business that failed with the rise of a new age of technology in the beginning of the 21st century. With massive debts, he joined the real estate world, investing in single rental houses at first. Nick relates that he had to overcome his fear and change his mindset concerning life after. This change of thinking began when he started the real estate business where he made many mistakes. He developed a mentality that no matter what came his way, he could fight it and continue to pursue his dreams.

After ten years of being in the industry, Nick established NVREA in 2014. He has a philosophy that he’d like to sell to any investor bound for success. The success philosophy indicates that one has to see their vision in what path of career they choose, believe that it is achievable, come up with strategies for materializing it and then take steps to see that it is fulfilled. Every journey begins with one step, so is a vision’s journey.