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Nick Vertucci Built His Enterprise From The Very Bottom

Posted on August 18, 2018 in Real Estate Expert

Nick Vertucci is a successful businessman who built his enterprise from the very bottom. He was out on his own at 18 years of age. Nick lived in his van and struggled to find his way in life. However, he had an entrepreneurial spirit and decided that having his own business was the best option for him. He began selling computers and soon formed that into an operation of his own. Nick did very well during this time and had enough money to get married and start a family. He and his wife had three children and they continued to push forward with his business. However, the Dot Com crash took a tremendous toll on his interest. He and his wife fell on hard times once again and struggled to make ends meet.

Nick Vertucci spent years trying to keep his family situation together. He and his wife had very little income. They came close to losing everything, including their house. At this time Nick ran into a friend of his who invited him to a real estate seminar. Vertucci was not looking forward to attending the seminar. He needed money right now and was not in the mood to sit through a class that wasn’t paying anything. The seminar lasted for 3 days. Nick decided to sit through it. He knew that there was something in it for him in the long run.

Nick Vertucci soaked in the information that was given at the seminar and eventually ventured into the real estate business himself. He spent decades building his business model. Nick finally perfected a style that worked well with his straightforward attitude. Vertucci has now reached the highest levels of success in real estate and spends time mentoring others on their financial aspirations.

Nick Vertucci grew up in a single-parent household. He also lost his father at a young age, which forced his mother to take care of him and his siblings. Nick watched his mother work grueling hours to support the family. This is why Nick appreciates the value of work ethic. He uses his personal experience in life as a method to motivate others. Vertucci preaches the fact that a person’s past does not have to dictate their feature.